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Cleaning... Phew, this afternoon I cleaned some dishes (yeah, we don't have a dishwasher... it's not fun!) and cleared a ton of junk out of our pantry... and it felt great.  Wish I would have taken before/after pictures!

Planning...On watching Scrubs, Private Practice, and Mad Men from start to finish.  I love you, Netflix.  Also... kinda want to watch Hart of Dixie as well - has anybody been watching it?

Planting... Um, not a thing.  Not only because it's freezing (and we're supposed to get a ton of snow over the weekend), but also because I've never planted anything of my own... ever.  I cannot wait to have my own flower bed someday as well as a vegetable garden!

Skipping... Absolutely Incredible Kid Day at Fazoli's.  [Insert MAJOR sad face here.]  I planned on taking Presley to Fazoli's today dressed in her Superman PJs but she hasn't really been feeling good lately.  I know it's silly, but I was looking forward to getting her dressed up as a superhero and eating her free kids meal! :-)

Four days of sick-girl-poopy-diaper-blowouts... all requiring a bath to get her cleaned up.  We will see what day five has in store for us!
Wearing... The best socks in the world... Puma socks put all other socks to shame!  You can find them discounted at Marshall's!  My husband and I are hooked.  No more cheap-o socks for us.



  1. Aww I hope Presley feels better soon! Abi has been sick too, croup and pink eye. UGH! But the sick days are the super cuddly days so it's an okay trade off. lol. Oh and I love that Presley is still in her baby tub! Abi is too and we have the same one! :)

    1. Haha! That baby tub is the only tub we have in our house - only a shower! Crazy huh? She's FINALLY feeling better and now I'm feeling better after getting her virus! Aghh!! I wish Presley cuddled like Abi does!

  2. i don't know if it's possible to love a child you've never met more than i love Presley! she's so perfect to me!!

    1. Awww gosh! You're so sweet Kels!!! :) She'd love you, too!

  3. All of our childrens scrubs are made from the finest fabric available and are extra durable for extreme wear and tear for your toddler or older child.


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