Friday's Letters {Link Up}

If you believe I have gone a little crazy with linking up lately... you would be correct.  I totally get in ruts when it comes to blogging and while I don't feel like I have too many unique things to say, I find myself drawn to writing anyways.  Thus the amount of prompts recently!

Dear week, You absolutely flew by!  Unfortunately, this wasn't because of the old saying "time flies when you're having fun!" - it was more along the lines of sleeping this week away.  Presley has been taking long afternoon naps lately and for whatever reason, I have been napping when she does!  As much as I love the sleep at the moment (and I have such a lack of energy during the day from staying up so late), I really regret it afterward.  I have it in my brain that Presley sleeps longer when I'm sleeping too (I don't know how true this theory is...) but I am really crossing my fingers and praying for a more productive week ahead.   
Dear taxes, Get ready for me to absolutely HANDLE you this weekend.  That's right, I'm doing my our taxes for the first time since... 2008?  Our amazing (and amazingly inexpensive) tax guy retired and we were so lucky to have his assistance over the last few years.  So since we are tight on money anyways, the best option right now is for me to do it.  Here's hoping I do an excellent job!
Dear Tony, You really amaze me and continue to do so over and over again.  You have just been such a rock-solid partner; I really feel extremely undeserving.  More than anything, thank you for the little things... to me they are so meaningful. You are my biggest cheerleader and I love you for it.  Namely, thanks for believing you married a good cook.  I know it may sound silly, but it means so much to me.
Dear Presley, I cannot wait for Spring, Summer, and Fall!!!  Winter has lasted long enough TOO LONG.  Your daddy and I put together a "Nice Weather Bucket List" and we cannot wait to get started!  Most of all, I cannot wait to see you crawling (and possibly walking and running) in the grass this summer.  You were so little last year that I don't think you even touched grass to be honest with you.  It will be so awesome to watch your little mind at work as you experience so many new things this year.  I love you so much!  Also, please stop bumping your head on everything.  It makes mama so nervous and so sad to see you cry.
Dear fellow bloggers, You are really rocking lately.  There have been a plethora of great reads lately and I consider myself VERY lucky to have found such great people to connect with.  Here have been some of my favorite posts lately:  Catlin over at Catholic Cookie Jar (I know, I'm always talking about her blogs!) just wrote on "Getting Out of a Spiritual Slump" and it's as if some of my biggest concerns were answered for me - almost step by step.  If that isn't God at work, I don't know what is!  And His timing is really amazing.  Now, it's just about finding the courage and will to get out of this slump..!  Next is Allie at Table for MORE.  She wrote a post of some really thoughtful "Mommyisms" of hers - whether they are opinions, tips, advice, etc... she shared some really great thoughts on motherhood and what works for her.  I am absolutely considering implementing some of these!
Dear Nicholas Sparks, While I wouldn't say "True Believer" is at the top of my list of my favorites of your works... you DID surprise me!  What stared off as a very slow read, I ended up flying through it and thoroughly enjoyed the book overall.  Next up is the follow-up book "At First Sight" and guess what?  Just as slow of a start as the last. *sigh*  Hopefully I can stick with this one...
Dear readers, Will someone please tell me what all this hooplah is about the Google Reader issue?  I've tried to read about it and find that I don't understand what this means or who this effects.  Thanks in advance!  Though I still don't understand it (fully) - I am getting the idea that everyone is switching from Google Reader to Bloglovin... so if you'd like to keep up with our happenings here on Chasing Moonlight & Roses - please Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Dear Mexican chocolate cake, You better be worth all the dirty dishes... here is the recipe for the cake (I did not go with the mascarpone frosting - but this frosting recipe instead).

A few pictures from this week:

That's all for now - hope everyone enjoys their weekend!



  1. OH so cute! And I wish I understood the Google reader/Bloglovin thing.. but I do not. lol


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