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The prompts are {watching, craving, looking, loving, and planning}

Watching... The Office - got to love this show.  I'll be so sad when it's over.

Craving... Budget Bytes: Dragon Noodles.  My goodness... this recipe is super easy and one of the most delicious things I have ever made at home if you ask me.  We tried this recipe over the weekend and this will be my third time making them already.  This time, I'm adding some flank steak to the recipe that I picked up on sale at Target a while back and we've had in the freezer for months now.  {Budget Bytes is my absolute favorite place to find awesome recipes that have ingredients we actually buy and have stocked readily... not to mention the recipes are for those on a budget who LOVE good food.  Sound perfect?  Don't take my word for it - visit Beth's blog & see for yourself.}

Looking... forward to Easter - we're hoping to travel up to my Aunt Jill's again.  We always have such a great time.  Not to mention, the food?  Delicious.

Loving... the fact that we are a little broke tight on money right now.  Okay, so I'm really not loving it, but there are aspects of it that I am loving.  Like the fact that we've been making meals at home, religiously, right now.  There isn't the option of grabbing take out so it goes without saying that we are eating at home.  Might sound stupid to you, but to me, I love the fact that we are just on the same page with that right now and that it goes without saying between Tony and I.  I love the fact that both of us are being creative with money right now and seeing how we can stretch our budget to include fun stuff where we can.  (I mean, there are tons of free things to enjoy around town!)  And I love the fact that it's bringing us closer as a little family.  You'd think we'd be stressed out right now but it has caused us to take a cold hard look at what we make and what we owe in bills each month and to take a responsible, realistic approach and that has taken a lot of the fear out of it.  {Even still, it still can be super super worrisome, especially getting behind on bills, but it doesn't hurt to look at the upside to every situation.}

Planning... to make our Niabi Zoo debut for the season this week!  I am so excited and shocked we haven't trudged out there yet, seeing as they opened Monday, but the weather hasn't been the best.  Hopefully we will have a LOT of zoo days this over the upcoming months!

What are you guys {currently} up to?



  1. I always have a hard time when a show I love ends. I haven't watched the Office too much this season, but I'll also be sad when it's over.
    Thanks for the intro to Budget Bytes! I'm looking forward to trying a few recipes out.


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