Happies & Crappies {link up}

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
 I decided to take part in Stephanie's weekly link up over at "Vintage Modern Wife" for the first time!  Here we go...


  •  It's almost April and the weather is still pretty "BLAH" outside.  (Though, today was finally a pretty nice day out!)
  • Missing my sisters and in-laws lately.
  • Haven't been out on a date with the hubs (sans Presley) in months.  And I know that if we lived near my sisters, in-laws, or my cousin then we would have more opportunities to get out.  But honestly, this is life!  Even though it's a little crappy to miss out on regular date nights, I wouldn't say it's something I miss as much as I did in the beginning.
  • This is a little on the silly side, but when I stepped on the scale after 24+ hours of the stomach virus, I weighed the exact same as before.  dangit
  • The University of Memphis being out of the March Madness tournament already.
  • A sink full of dirty dishes!  Yuck!  [Vent:  I hate being the one to do both the cooking AND cleaning in the kitchen!  If we had a dishwasher, it wouldn't be so bad.  And don't get me wrong... I absolutely enjoy cooking.  But not in a dirty kitchen and not when I know I'll be the one scrubbing dinner off the dishes a few days later after waiting for someone else who said they would do them!  Anybody else know the feeling?]

  • Not only does Tony have Good Friday off from work, but he's also going to be home with us on Monday after Easter!  Yippee for 4 day weekends!
  • Won some super fun giveaways recently that I failed to blog about, for fear it would come off as bragging!  However, they deserve recognition and thanks for such fun giveaways.  Thank you to Erica at "To the Sea" and Lisa at "The Sweet Life of a Southern Wife" - two ladies I genuinely enjoy getting to learn about through their blogs that I love to read!  {Look out for a more detailed post on this later on.}
  • Finding five boxes of Baby Mum-Mums for Presley about half off normal price!  Score!
  • Very grateful for FaceTime with my in-laws!
  • Spending time with family this weekend for Easter!
  • FINALLY made it to the zoo for the first time this year.  It feels like forever since it was last open!
  •  Presley's finally starting to (occasionally) cruise around furniture... so walking {might} be in our near-ish future.
  • Presley being an awesome eater and sleeper!  Makes my life all the more blissful!
  • The accomplished feeling you get after cleaning a sink jammed full of dirty dishes!
  • Chick-fil-A sweet tea.  Enough. Said.
  • Shopping at Target.  As if Target wasn't already fabulous enough, pretty frequently you can find their meat considerably marked down!  I love saving money!  And now we have a freezer full of meat for future use and I could not be more satisfied about that.
The discounted meat has these nice red $3 off coupons on them!

I hope everybody has a wonderful Easter weekend - and may your happies far outweigh your crappies!


  1. What a fun link up! I hear ya about the weather. I hear ya about the weather! It's almost April and by no means spring like.

    And hooray for cruising babies! She'll be tottin' around before you know it and then there's NO stopping little Pres Pres! :)

    1. I know - I couldn't resist this one! :) And I hope it's still a little while until she walks but it will be awesome once she's toddlin!

  2. I'm so glad you're still posting on this blog. I miss you on FB, and have to admit, am now looking at your blog for the first time in quite a while. I've started blogging a little again too!! Can't wait to see you on FB again. Hope you, tony, and mizz presley have a wonderful Easter!

    1. YAY! Glad to hear you're blogging again!!! :D It was a great Easter and hope it was just as happy for you guys! Can't wait to catch up!!!

  3. Aw this is such a cute & fun idea!! :)


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