Since When?!

Since when did my baby girl get so big?
Please excuse my face as I don't walk around camera-ready.  These two pictures were taken a year apart in the same exact spot (though now, thankfully, Presley sleeps when it is dark out!) and the difference that year makes still leaves me a bit speechless.  Also, do you love Presley's crazy hair sticking out in the 2nd picture?  So adorable.
To add to the previous photo, since when did I start looking like that instead of this?
In my head, I still kinda resemble this 20-year-old me.  And in my head my hair and makeup are done, my skin is bronzed, & jewelry is on and all... which is far from reality.  Nonetheless, when I spot myself in the mirror these days I think, "That is not what I expected to see!"
Since when was my Netflix queue full of cartoons?
Okay... so for those of you who know me know this isn't too farfetched from what it probably looked like pre-baby days seeing as I've seen nearly every animated Disney movie at least once :)
Since when were sloppy kisses my absolute favorite kind of kiss to get?
I still love getting non-sloppy kisses from my hubby, but nothing beats a kiss from your baby when they're first learning to give kisses... drool and all!

As you can see, it's been another great week for me at home!  I wonder, though, when will it really hit me that this is my life now?  I suppose it will be something that happens gradually over the course of the next few years, but it amazes me that while I make room for the new traditions and routines of our current life, my brain still holds on tight to some of the memories from my past life.

Have you had any "since when?!" moments this week?


  1. I marvel every time I pick up my son in the morning because he seems bigger, and older. It makes me a bit sad. I understand what you mean by looking "fresh" to "tired" looking. Well, I know I don't look tired all of the time, and while at that, I don't have time to freshen myself up every day. I would rather snuggle with my wiggly worm, and cherish him. :) BTW, thank you for adding my button! I need to figure out how to do the same for you, and others so my followers can check this and other blogs out. ;)

    1. I think my problem is I've just become so lazy and complacent these days... I rarely leave the house anymore and when I do I just avoid looking in mirrors! LOL! It's not until the end of the day that I'm like, "OMG. I can't believe I went out looking like this!!!" :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Britt :) Is Abi giving many kisses these days?

  3. First, love the new blog look! Second, is your nip showing in the second picture of you and Pres because why is there a star on your boobie?

    I can totally relate to this. Every time I see a picture of myself pre baby I die a little inside know I will never look like that again.

    You look great though, I can tell you've lost a LOT of weight since having her!

    1. Aww thanks! I felt in the mood for a change... hopefully I won't get sick of this look for a little while! And you are HILARIOUS for noticing - it's my ratty-ass bra that I'm trying to cover up with the star!!! I figured if anybody would ask about my boobie star it'd be you! ;)

      And man... I have such a love/hate relationship with pre-baby pictures. Love that I have the potential to maybe look like that self again but hate that it will never be the same and that I took it for granted back then! Right?? I was bloated for so long after leaving the hospital... definitely felt like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka turning into a blueberry! :]

  4. That's funny, my netflix queue is filled with kid shows too. lol.

    1. What's Grant been watching? Seems like I can only tolerate Sesame Street or shows that I used to watch (Rugrats, Babar, etc.) and I cannot stand to watch Yo Gabba! AGHH.


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