35 week Pregnancy Reflection!

How far along?:  35 weeks & 3 days into my first pregnancy!  Really hitting the home stretch here and starting to see my doctor every week!!!

4 weeks & 4 days until my due date!

Size of baby:  Baby is the size of a large cantaloupe this week!  More melon!

Between 19 & 22 inches and around 6 lbs!

Weight:  Definitely have gained a considerable amount of weight.  At my appointment today, my doctor goes, "Well you've gained some weight since last time..." *takes a few seconds, looks over my chart (probably for the first time in my entire pregnancy)* "Wow!  You've gained some weight since becoming pregnant!"  I wanted to say, "WELCOME TO MY PREGNANCY!  So happy you could show up!"  I mean, she didn't say it with any judgment, she is 100% correct in what she said, but the frustrating part is that she is my doctor!  I understand that she is a very sought after, busy woman... but for crying out loud... just because I don't have any risk factors and have had a very healthy pregnancy doesn't mean that you should let me slip through the cracks every month.  I do love my doctor and how easy going she is, but sometimes I wish she would be more attentive.  It doesn't help that on top of this, she told me last week she would do a pelvic exam this week and see how things are going and that didn't happen today because of other "time consuming" patients and she just wanted to get me out of there so I didn't have to wait on the others.  Sounds considerate, but sometimes I just feel a bit neglected.

Gender:  So so so so so excited to welcome our baby girl into our lives in a few weeks!

Movement:  Definitely still getting a good amount of moving from Presley.  She doesn't seem to like it when I lay on my right side because she'll start bouncing around in there.  I'm thinking maybe my placenta or something squishes her when I'm on that side?  No clue if that's really it, but that's what I picture in my head.  She also starts moving around right before my alarm goes off every morning which is hilarious to me for some reason.  One morning I had ten more minutes to doze on and off before my alarm sounded but she was SO active that there was no sleeping!  :)

Cravings/Aversions:  Gosh, must be craving sweet treats.  I made a chocolate cake last night (Texas sheet cake-- YUM!) and now I've been really hankering for some banana pudding!  It doesn't really seem like there is much I won't eat these days, unfortunately. ;)  Seafood has also been sounding pretty appetizing lately.

I am feeling: Pretty wonderful, despite minor discomforts.  My back is really feeling fine, my energy level is do-able, and while my emotions vary, I wouldn't say it's a roller coaster or anything.  I am starting to feel mentally and emotionally ready.  (Starting to!  Not all the way there, yet.)  It really, really helps that I've got such wonderful support and have the best birth coach, ever.

What I miss mostI miss being comfortable.  I'm not always uncomfortable, but it seems like it doesn't take much.  Like bending over for anything.  Or just finding a lounging position -- that is impossible sometimes.  Still missing laying on my back.  I miss working out -- I have gotten sooo lazy and that is my own fault!

Best moment of the week:  As lame as our birthing class can seem at times, I really do enjoy going to them with Tony.  I love the bonding that goes on between us when we are "in the zone" -- like when I am doing the deep breathing exercises and he has his hand on my back so he can count how many breaths I'm taking in a minute.  Just the sweet gestures while I know he's taking things seriously and focusing on being there for me.

What I'm most looking forward to:  I'm looking forward to my prenatal massage... I need to schedule it instead of putting it off for a time when I "really" need it; I think that time is now!  Looking forward to my baby shower next week as well!!

Goals for this week:  Finally getting the mattress this week!  Continuing to get the house ready for the baby on the way.  Cleaning out our cars.  A million other things!!!


  1. LOVE that last picture! And how sweet about the birthing class! :) -Amanda


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