Is this real life?!

All around me lately is talk like, "Only a few more weeks!" or "You're almost there" and "Make sure to get sleep while you can because she'll be here before you know it!" -- while this leaves me with mixed feelings of anxiety and excitement, it still doesn't feel like this is my reality.  When I try to quiet and focus my mind on our little girl or actually giving birth, I just can't seem to turn any real results in my mind.  I can't begin to imagine what (or who) she will look like or what her cry will sound like... I absolutely can't imagine bringing a baby into our home... and I don't know that I can even picture my daily life with a little one with me at all times.  It just makes me wonder how many mothers-to-be before me felt the same exact way and also how many could imagine this reality before it hits.  Another thing that I can't picture is when Presley will decide to make her debut.  I've gotten comments about how it looks like I could go any day, that I will probably go early because I am getting big but I've also heard that most first time mothers go into labor after their due date.  It's not that I'm getting any kind of heavy anxiety about all these different possibilities, it is just super weird not having any intuition or inkling about what will happen here at such a huge point in our life.

On a lighter note, last night I bought a sweet little gown to wear in the hospital during my stay there.  It's from Baby be Mine Maternity and of course I got one on sale ($14.99 pre-tax; but I also used coupon code "PNMAG" to get 10% off, so it was a little cheaper).  This is the exact one I got and the cool thing about it is Pam (from the show The Office) wore the same gown when she gave birth on the show!

Hopefully it will look that flattering on me!
I just figure it will be nice to be wearing a more beautiful and less revealing gown than the one they issue you at the hospital.  I feel a little stupid for buying something that you get "free", but hopefully I won't regret it at the time.  It snaps open all the way down the back if/when that is necessary but otherwise it stays closed.  I also got a bigger size than I think I will need so I am hoping it doesn't looks stupid on me! :)  Even though, at the time, I'm sure I will care much less about my appearance than I do beforehand!!

Within the last week I also ordered paper mache letters to decorate for Presley's room.  I went to for them because they were running a 25% off special on their paper mache as well as free shipping if you spent a certain amount online, so that was sweet! 

I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to decorate the letters yet, but I've thought about doing this tutorial because I really, really like that look.  I think the bronze would look much better in her room rather than the metallic look, so that's what I'm leaning towards for now.  Otherwise, I've considered covering the letters in yarn (so cute!) or using glue to cover them in some print or fabric Tony and I decide on.  So we shall see! :)

Anyways, that's all the randomness I think I will fit into this entry!  Thanks for reading :)


  1. Cute idea for the gown!! :) I would've never thought of that! Smart! -Amanda

  2. Ali, I totally felt the way you do right now and wondered the same things. I now know that you can imagine all you want, but reality has all sorts of little details in store for you that are impossible to picture right now until it happens! I guess part of the fun is the excitement and anticipation of what life with the baby will be like! You won't be disappointed...

  3. Hi Ali. I found your blog a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading. My first baby (a boy) is due a few days after you. Thanks for posting the information on the hospital gown. I had been wanting one but did not want to spend a ton of money. I ordered one this morning from that sight!


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