Happy 11 month birthday, Presley pants!

Well I do declare!  (That particular expression was for you, Amanda...)  I cannot believe it is already time to write this blog.  Today our little girly is 11 months old!  Let's delve into what's going on in Presley's life these days...

  • Chompers:  At the present moment, she's got 4 teeth up top and 4 teeth on the bottom of her mouth!  Two (of the four) top teeth are still fairly new and haven't come all the way down yet.  And man, she loves to use those teeth.  Her and I play this little game where she tries to bite my nose and usually she just pretends like she's gonna bite it and other times she actually does bite it.  I thought I was going to lose the tip of my nose the other day... geez Louise... I think we are going to have to discontinue this game pretty soon.
Excited about all her teeth!
  • Loves to SNACK!  Cheerios, puffs, green beans, bits of peaches,  raisins, Baby Mum-Mums, teething biscuits, bread, etc.... anything that is edible and as long as it is something she can pick up herself, she is usually thrilled about!  This also means she is liking pureed baby food less and less, unless it is out of a pouch!
The aftermath of a teething biscuit!
  •  Loves her Baby Einstein DVDs while mommy brushes her teeth in the morning or the rare moments mommy or daddy clean!
  • Not only has she perfected her speedy crawling, but she has also started pulling herself up onto her knees this week.  She's even gotten to do it in the crib - looks like daddy will be lowering that crib VERY soon.
  • We're still using the infant car seat instead of our convertible car seat... mommy and daddy are DEFINITELY still in denial!  She still fits in the baby seat, but I think she would be more comfortable in the big seat.
  • Finally getting plans together for Presley's first birthday!  Looks like we'll be having pizza and cake with some of our friends and family!
  • Still breastfeeding.  Still love it.  Can't imagine not having that time to bond with her but of course I will revisit the decision again next month!  To be honest, though, I don't think we'll stop there.
  • When we're in the car, I will turn on "Disney songs" Pandora and seems to really enjoy music intended for little kids!  Already showing preference to Disney - definitely our child!
  • Loves her shower time again!
  • She likes to take a few steps here and there if we are holding her hands.
  • Still reading her "Night-Night Little Pookie" every night and sing songs with her Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout.  She sleeps through the night with a fan and a few of her blankies!
  • She mainly wears size 3 Pampers Cruisers and we still absolutely love the fragrance-free Parent's Choice wipes!  Also still using her wipe warmer.
  • We started brushing her teeth in the morning and night and she thinks it's silly but she likes it.
  • She's been a tough cookie when it comes to bumps and bruises that come along with the territory of crawling and exploring.  She hasn't really had her first injury yet and I hope we can keep it that way because I'm not sure how Tony or I will survive it!
  • Presley love to clap when we say "YAY!" and also when we ask her to clap - depending on her mood, of course.  She waves when we say "Hi!" or when we ask her to wave.  She's so friendly and loves to get people's attention when we are out and about.

    And that's what's new in our home.  Take heart everybody, I guess tomorrow is known as "Blue Monday" and is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.  Don't be afraid to do something special for yourself tomorrow - and while you're at it, be considerate of how you treat your coworkers, friends, family members, and others you come in contact with tomorrow.  Make the most of your week!


    1. Ahhh that little tiger outfit is to die for! That video of her at 10.5 months is so ridiculously cute!! :)

    2. I love Presley tigger outfit, so cute! It's funny Mum Mum's used to be Grant's favor snack. But I think he ate so many of them (between the sitter and myself giving him some he probably had 3-4 a day) that he got so sick of them, that he refuses to eat them! lol. I really need to get in the habit of brushing Grant's teeth! I keep forgetting to do. So bad. Do you put anything on the tooth brush yet or just used a tooth brush with nothing on it? I'm still confused as to if its ok to use toothpaste yet at that age, I feel like I have gotten conflicting things between our dentist and doctor.

    3. Happy 11 months Presley!!!! How do you feel about that--her turning 1 next month. Holy batman! Blue Monday concept is new to me. Interesting though. :)

    4. I can't believe how long she's getting! And those teeth!! Glad I get to be home on Blue Monday, makes it a little cheerier. :) Oh and thanks for the random dorky phrase shout-out! Hahaha! Speaking of night-time routines, Anne Marie is usually SO TIRED at the end of the day (as in about 6pm) that she usually doesn't even want me to read to her, she's like, "Put me in the crib already!" Haha. Give Presley a big hug for me.

    5. Dayum, good for you for going strong with breastfeeding!

      Presley is such a sweet sweet little angel, I still wish I could kidnap her.

      I can't believe she's turning one NEXT MONTH! Aaah, makes me crazy. So you guys are just doing something low key for her first party?

    6. Presley is so darn cute!! I wanted to let you know...i nominated you for a Liebster Award! Details are here: http://girlryanne.blogspot.com/2013/01/liebster-award.html


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