Make it Count.

Tony and I decided to start a "Wish List" of things we'd like to do as a family in 2013 in order to make the most out of the next year.  (Hopefully will be able to cross some of these off my on-going bucket list, as well.)  So far, this is what our list consists of:
  • Visit a new zoo.
  • Go to an NBA or NFL game.
  • Make going to church as a family a priority.
  • Go OUT on a date once a month.  (Somewhere different each month - no repeats!)
  • Have weekly date night in!
  • Donate blood together.
  • Complete a 5k together (again)... this time, no stopping (for me)!
  • Share peak/pit moments each day.  (Either at dinner or bedtime... still undecided.)

Hopefully we will add more to our list as the week goes on.  We talked about some of the goals we have individually, as a couple, and as a family and it just made the most sense to start a list of things we'd like to accomplish in order to move closer to those goals.  (For example, one goal for us as a couple was to spend quality time together to celebrate our special marriage - so we added going out on a monthly date to our wish list.)

I was talking to a married mama friend of mine earlier today about how easy it is to reflect on our blessings during the good times.  Though Tony and I have been together for a chunk of time now when you consider dating, we are still considered newlyweds to some.  We all know that things are typically well-maintained in the beginning and as time goes on you are put through many tests which can really wear and tear a relationship.  I recognize this and I don't want to come off boastful when I write about our happiness and assure you even in these early days, our relationship has so much growing to do.  I don't want anyone to be under the impression that we are perfect (because, we aren't!) - we have tempers and egos and sometimes we let them get the best of us... or that we just sit around giving each other googly-eyes at home (because, we don't!) - not every day is particularly romantic... or that I end each day completely fulfilled in my roles as a wife or mother (because, I'm not!) - somedays there is nothing more that I look forward to than just some quiet time alone!  (It's also a little harder for me to want to publicly share any of those "pit" moments of our marriage here on my blog versus the "peak" moments.)  I feel like the true test of our marriage will be our resilience through the trials... how we treat each other through the happiness as well as through the tough times... and put those vows to work! 
Side note: The friend I was talking with, Lindsey, just recently launched her own style blog offering women her personal tried and true tips on dressing themselves as well as their children and all things in between - I encourage you to check it out here and let her know what you think!

So, what are some of the things you'd like to add to your 2013 Wish List?

Here's to making it count!

Once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
Bring you up when you're feelin' down
bryan adams


  1. I love this idea! Although most of my list involves making it through this semester and onto the next! LOL Hey I've been wondering, do you have any big plans for Presley's first birthday? Any idea what you're going to get her? I have a few ideas for Abi but I need more! :)


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