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I'm so excited to get into blogging photo challenges again!  When I blogged on Xanga, I did the same thing but since being on Blogger, I hadn't found any.  Thanks to Erica over at Mi Todo, I found The Paper Mama!

This week's prompt is happiness and it doesn't get much happier than this...

My happy baby, Presley Rose, at two months of age!  She gives the best smiles and almost giggles to us these days and they just melt our hearts.

50 Questions (Part Four)

So, before having Presley, I had so much time to blog that I ran out of things to talk about!  So I embarked on this list of 50 Questions that will Free your Mind and planned to answer them all!  Unfortunately, now I have less time to read, reflect, and write.  The babe is sleeping right now so I'm going to attempt part four of the 50 questions!  If you have the will/time to do the same, I'd love to hear your answers.

16. How come the things that make you happy don’t make everyone happy? I'm not sure.  I understand that everyone is made of different things; our brain compositions are different and we typically come from different pasts as well.  We all differ in our personality types as well -- some being more introverted and others more extroverted.  While I love being around people, I really love my alone time and time at home with my family, whereas other people could careless to be at home.
17. What one thing have you not done that you really want to do? What's holdin…

Happy TWO month old birthday, Presley Rose!

Wowie!  I didn't think I'd be one of "those" moms... but seriously, where has the time gone??  It feels like just yesterday we were completely clueless and terrified to bring this unknown baby home with us.  A lot has changed in this time, especially ourselves!  And as you can see, Presley has gone through the biggest changes over these past eight weeks....

Things about Miss Presley:
She loves her velcro swaddle blanket!  Though when she's cranky and I lay her down in the blanket to wrap her up it seems like she's thinking, "Swaddle? Challenge accepted!" and squirms around to make it just a little bit more difficult to get her swaddled.If she's not swaddled (during her daytime naps), she kicks off the blanket every time!!!She sleeps with a fan, just like we do! :)She is not really a fan of socks.  She kicks them off at the first chance she gets. She's been getting a lot better without her pacifier at night.  She starts out with it but of cours…


 Having to go back to school to finish my degree for a measly 5 credit hours.  Reapplying and all kinds of stuff is just giving me a headache at the moment.  Not to mention, imagining myself going to school and doing school work with a needy little one and a husband who works lots of hours.Not fitting into my clothes.  And definitely upset at seeing my stomach post-baby.  I can't believe I was so excited to take a picture of my big belly each week without realizing how bad it'd look afterwards!!!Feeling guilty at the thought of spending time away from my family to work out.  That is an easy way to talk myself out of a work out.Being so far away from my sisters.  They won't get to know Presley at this stage or when she was so tiny.  I'm missing Amanda's whole pregnancy just about.  I don't get to hang out with either one of them.  I could go on and on.  It'd be one thing if they were "just" my sisters, but they are my best friends too s…