26 week Pregnancy Reflection

How far along?:  I am 26 weeks & 3 days along in my first pregnancy!  (13 weeks & 4 days to go.)

6.5 months along!
Weight +/-:  Well, I went to my appointment today and found out I'm +26 lbs.  My doctor told me my weight gain so far has been "wonderful" and that I'm doing fine.  I'm currently having trouble with it because first, that is a lot of weight to gain since May.  And second, I went from gaining little to nothing to gaining a whole lot.  I made sure my doctor realized all this and she laughed and continued to reassure me.  So, really, I just need to remember to eat healthy and stay active to silence my worries!

Size of the baby:  This week the baby is the size of a CUCUMBER!

15 inches & 2.2 lbs!
Gender:  Still a girl as far as we know!  :)  One of the moms at work SWEARS I'm carrying a boy since my belly is a round basketball.

Movement:  Always moving!  I just got paperwork from my doctor that told me to start noticing  her movements.  She should be moving around 10+ times a day and if that doesn't happen, that should be a red flag.  I also found out today that the baby is laying in my belly from side to side which is cool because my doctor said that once the baby decides to move head or feet down that it will put more pressure on my lower body.  The less pressure, the better and as long as the baby is safe and sound I am happy!

Cravings/Aversions:  Goodness... craving lots and lots of SPICE!  My mom keeps saying that it's one of my dad's traits -- he loved spicy food.  The past few days I have eaten an entire big bag of clementines... they are so delicious and so sweet so I am thinking the sweetness craving is still lingering.  Aversions... definitely still not enjoying the sight, smell, or taste of shrimp.  Yuck

I am feeling:  Pretty good.  I have more energy throughout the day but at the same time, I am still pretty tired throughout the day.  I think that's because I get up so many times to pee in the middle of the night -- it's crazy!  I need to stop drinking fluid at night but I just love drinking water before bedtime.

Best moment of the week:  Getting back to the gym a couple times this past week felt really good.  I also had a really fun time this past week on a date with Tony at Cracker Barrel -- YUM!  And last night was a ton of fun, our church had a chili cook off and pie bake off.  I participated in the chili cook off by bringing a batch of chili and participated in the pie bake off by eating some delicious pie! ;)  There was a great turn out and we all had SO much fun... such a great way to get people together.  I can't wait for the next one!!!

Made about 6 qts. of chili and didn't have any leftovers!

What I'm most looking forward to this week:  First of all, I am looking forward to seeing BREAKING DAWN tomorrow.... finally!!!!  Also can't wait for Thanksgiving on Thursday!  Also excited to spend a long weekend with Tony... yay!!!  So much to look forward to this week.

Alright, I am not feeling very motivated to write anything on here... I feel like I am running out of things to really talk about and have no idea what the people who read this really want to hear in addition to what they're sick of hearing about!  So for now, I am going to take a nice, relaxing, warm shower and enjoy the rest of the evening before bedtime!!!  Goodnight bloggies.


  1. My mom had 3 basketball shaped bellies with all 3 girls. As a matter of fact, her obgyn was so convinced megan was a boy the entire pregnancy. They were all surprised at birth :) haha

    And idk how to post on here besides anonymous so this is brittany bush!

  2. Ali, your blog makes me smile! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. @Caroline Aww, thanks Caroline! :) Your comment made me smile!!! Glad you enjoy my ramblings ;) Happy holidays!


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