• When you want life to speed up, it crawls by; likewise, when you'd appreciate life to slow down for a bit, it flies by.  Anybody else feeling this?  This is especially true around this time of year when there is so much to celebrate and look forward to:  Thanksgiving, family, food, Christmas, presents, joy, Jesus, New Years, friends, etc... This is made even more true when there are big life events looming.  Last year around this time, it was our impending wedding in May.  This year, it is a baby this February.  It is just crazy how quickly life and your priorities can change....
  • I feel like we are behind on a zillion things and find myself constantly thinking, "Well... better late than never, right?"  Do you find that statement to be true?  I sure hope so.  It reminds me to be more forgiving when things involving other people's schedules don't always go along on the schedule of my choosing.
  • At the mall tonight, I swear, store employees were giving me the stink eye tonight because it seriously looked like I was smuggling goods out of the store underneath my hoodie.  My stomach is starting to look so funny with how much it's sticking out!  I look back to pictures when I was 12 and 15 weeks along when I started to show and I thought how crazy it looked and compare it to now and can't help but laugh.  I can't imagine what I will look and feel like at 35 weeks pregnant!
  • Football season is just fabulous -- such a great time of year if you are a fan.  Even better?  Taking part in fantasy football.  Now I can finally understand (to a point) in Tony's interest in the many football teams out there throughout the season.  It's so great to have similar interests with your spouse to take part in; definitely a bonding experience.
  • Best Pandora radio stations:  Hootie & the Blowfish radio,  Dave Matthews Band radio, & "Mary Jane's Last Dance" by Tom Petty radio.  DMB is my current obsession -- that radio station is so mellow with the intermittent rock song to jam out to.  Fabulous.
  • I love planning trips!  Currently, we are planning a quick trip to Chicago (it's been just about two-and-a-half years since Tony and I were there together) while Amanda is here visiting mid-December... can't wait for her to be here.  Then, we're planning a trip to Nashville, Chattanooga, and Memphis for the end of December.  I like picking out specific details beforehand as well as leaving other decisions to make while we're in the middle of the trip.  It gives you a balance of spontaneity in addition to feeling secure in making the most of your time away!  
  • Speaking of trips.... I'm contemplating planning a weekend getaway (aka "babymoon") sometime before my due date.  For those of you who are parents or soon-to-be parents, did you take a babymoon or do you see the practicality in it?  Would you suggest taking one last trip "just the two of us?"
  • If you have not tried Famous Dave's spicy pickles and have them at your local grocery store, I completely recommend trying them.  They are DELICIOUS.  (Thanks Aunt Jill for getting Tony & I hooked!!!)
That's all the brain-emptying I will do tonight!

 Good weather & blessings,


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