Super shopper!

Okay, my belly looks so huge here. The lady at the register today asked me if I was due soon...
nope-- four more months to go!

So, as you can see above, I went SHOPPING today and had such a great time!  Let me just tell you that shopping stresses me out these days for a few reasons: 

1) Everything (especially maternity clothes) is so DANG expensive!
I never know what size to buy!
3) I don't feel very sexy which makes it hard to shop!                     
But today, the stars aligned, and I enjoyed a shopping trip to Kohl's so so so much.  It really helped that I had my supportive hubby with me to reassure me that I needed some maternity clothes, that I was pretty, and that it was okay to spend some money... not to mention, I just love hanging out with him because he is honestly the best friend and person to hang out with!  Anyways, back to the shopping trip....

I decided to go to Kohl's because I had a $10 off any purchase that they sent out in the mail, so off we went!  Once we got there I was having trouble even finding the maternity section -- it's pretty small at our location -- but with some help we got pointed in the right direction.  Everything was on sale, but even on sale most of the sweaters and tops were still $30 which is just way too much for me!  Tony wandered over and found a strictly maternity clearance section and I went to town finding tons of items under $8!!!  The potential downside was that all these clearance items were summer clothes but thankfully I realized you can just add layers (sweaters, scarves, etc.) for the fall/winter.  To make a long story short, I ended up spending $20 on 7 name brand maternity items and saved $267.40!!!!  I thought I would share my findings and to remind all you ladies that right now is the BEST time to score some really amazing deals on clothes that are going out of season!

The very cute maxi dress I got. It's also got a string to tie around the waist
so that you will have some definition in your waist!
: $60 Paid: $6

I just love the top!  (Might wear this to one of my showers with a flowy, white sweater I have!)
Very summery dress but BEAUTIFUL navy blue.
: $48 Paid: $4.80

(Probably my favorite buy of the trip!) This picture does the dress no justice!
The top of it is gorgeous!
: $48 Paid: $4.80
Such a cute shirt - it has pockets on the front at the bottom on each side.
(too bad you can't see the pockets!)
: $40 Paid: $4

Very simple but SO perfect on.
: $26 Paid: $2.60
Another top that's definitely cuter on!
: $32 Paid: $3.20

I like wearing pink while expecting a girl :) So fun.
: $32 Paid: $3.20
So, needless to say, I feel like a freaking rockstar after that shopping excursion today.  To continue our day of good deals, we used a coupon tonight at Papa John's for a $4.99 large one-topping carry out pizza.  Not the healthiest supper, but damn, I LOVE GOOD DEALS!

Alright, that's about it for tonight!  Hope everyone's weekend has been as fabulous as mine has been so far.


  1. Julie Merideth MyersNovember 13, 2011 at 12:22 AM

    Cute stuff Ali! Can't believe we were there at the same tim.

  2. you can so wear a white or grey long sleeve or quarter length solid shirt under ALL of those.. even the maxi and it would be SOO cute! good job! youll have to take pictures when u wear them too! -Ashley

  3. @Anonymous Didn't even think of that, Ash! I'll have to get some new ones because that is a really good idea!!! And I'll definitely take pictures in them once I wear them!

  4. Yay! Coupons! I love reading your blogs. [:

  5. hey Ali,

    Good to hear from you. Tyler told me that you and Tony were expecting. Congrats. I bought the same sundress you got at Khols. U got a WAY better deal than I did! Good job! It really does help to have some maternity things that make you feel pretty. Good luck with everything and I will keep u and Tony in my thoughts and prayers!


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