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100th Post! (Couch to 5K Friday!)

When I started my blog back in 2010, I wasn't very hopeful that it would remain a permanent part of my life, nor did I think it would ever be an area of importance in my life.  I didn't really have any direction I wanted to go in with my blog and just felt like there probably weren't many people who would care about what I had to say.  (Sometimes I still feel like that!)  But here it is, 100 posts strong, and I am enjoying writing again and feel that this safe keeps an important time in my life.

It's funny, in my first post I was writing about how Spring 2011 was going to be my last semester of college.  And in reality, today marks the LAST day of my Summer 2012 classes which will finally complete my Bachelor's Degree!  I had 5 credit hours leftover that I had to complete and am just now getting around to it.  (It's been a busy year!!!)  So in 100 posts, I've finally come in full circle in that regard. 

Onto other news...

Couch to 5k Update: On Thursday of …

Praising through humility.

Today's point of praise: "By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and observe his commandments." (1 John 5:2)  Day #4

Lord, create in me a servant's heart.

This topic is so important for me to visit these days.  It's not only important to do what's right and to help your friends, families, neighbors, and strangers, but it's just as important to do so with a humble heart.  We build this up to where we think in order to be a good person we have to be a superhero and practically move mountains, so we say in our heads that we'll start doing work for God "tomorrow" and then tomorrow never comes.  But really, encouraging a friend, having a caring listening ear, holding the door for someone, not having road rage when someone cuts you off, loving your family, and seemingly "small" things typically have a lasting impact.  The impact is not only on the person you are serving, but most often yourself.  However, in or…

Happy five month birthday, Presley!

Here is what the pretty princess has been up to lately...

At her doctor's appointment last month, Presley rolled over from her belly to her back very surely, almost as if she has been doing it all the time.  Since then, she has done it maybe once or twice more on accident.  She'll flip onto her side, but that's it.Bedtime is not my favorite time of the day here lately.  Getting her to sleep is such a struggle!  Her bedtime is pretty consistent but her wake time has not been and I know that lies on my shoulders!She's been doing better when it comes to sitting up.  Definitely not sitting up unassisted yet, but she is getting stronger at it each day.When she has belly time, she has just started to tuck her knees underneath her a bit!  So we're making (slow) progress towards scooting/crawling!  Not in ANY rush to have her racing around, though.She's finally starting to grow some of her hair back!  And it's so fluffy and adorable.She's in size 3 diapers, cl…

Couch to 5k Wednesday (Week 2)

Alright!  So, we (as in Tony and I) have made it this far and still want to keep doing it!  Wahoo!
 Here was my Week 1 post
We found out that we are definitely at different paces and have decided to run together, but separately, which works out really well.  Plus, working out with others really isn't completely my thing, I feel it can be too distracting.  However, I love to have workout buddies so we can work out simultaneously yet do our own thing.  So this is perfect!

Week 2 Day 2 was a bit more challenging than Day 1, but this could be because of the warm weather.  (We're still running outside alongside the Mississippi River!)  But that heat advisory didn't stop us.  Someone yelled at Tony for having Presley out in the heat - but seriously? - she was covered, shaded, smiling & laughing, and he was sprinkling her with water every so often.  Plus the river gives off a bit of a breeze.  On top of it, we were out there for a total of thirty minutes.  (This was around 6P…

Weight Loss Journey.

So, let's talk about weight, shall we?

Directly preceding my pregnancy was our wedding.  And if you've been a bride before, you might have been like me and worried about looking okay in your "little white dress."  Though, at the time I was busy with school, work, life, and wedding planning -- I tried to make exercise a priority.  I enjoyed working out at the YMCA, walking, and especially Zumba.  I wasn't extremely faithful to a workout schedule, but I did okay.

For me, dieting is not something I do.  I just don't really restrict myself when it comes to food or drinks I enjoy... life is too short in my opinion.  But when it got down to the wire, wedding plans had me stressin' and the first thing that goes when I am truly anxious is my appetite.  (So much so that it took me a few days of being on my honeymoon to de-stress and gain my appetite back in full swing!)

So around the wedding time, I weighed about 150.  (And for me, that was doing pretty good for…

It's a...

So, I was just reading a blog post written by one of my favorite blogger friends -- Sean @ A Mad Girl's Lovesong -- and because of her great writing and the genuine emotion I felt while reading it, my mind was flooded with the memories surrounding the week of our gender scan ultrasound last October.

When we found out we were pregnant, we were lucky enough to have a local pregnancy clinic (Pregnancy Resources) that offered a free ultrasound.  We were supremely blessed to be able to see our baby at about 11 weeks.  This was my first experience with ultrasounds and the only thing I knew of them were pictures I had seen of other people's ultrasounds in the past.  So call me an airhead, but I was pretty stunned when we got going and we actually saw our baby moving around on the screen!!!  I actually started laughing and couldn't fight back the tears.

Immediately after the ultrasound, the nurse left the room.  Tony and I both said we felt like it was a boy just by watching &quo…

Couch to 5k Wednesday

Whoa!  Almost already forgot about writing on the C25K topic... not to mention that it's already WEDNESDAY!  I guess running really speeds up your week...

So for those of you who aren't familiar with couch to 5k, it is basically for people such as myself who would classify themselves as "couch potatoes".  While being a couch potato has it's perks - let's face it, TV is fun - nothing feels better than that sore feeling you get after a great workout.  However, when it comes to running, I am typically not a huge fan.  I have pretty much always hated any distance running.  But I have had friends from high school who  have become runners and I can see how much it has sculpted and toned their bodies in a way that other work out programs have failed to do.  This, coupled with the fact that my post-pregnancy body has left me looking like the little green fellow from the movie Flubber, I have decided it is time to try to catch the running bug!

Though I am so in awe o…

QC Times "Cutest Kid in the QC" Contest.

EDIT:  Nevermind all the instructions!

Here is the direct link to vote, which is much easier:


Oh yes, alas, I entered my baby into a cutest kid contest!  I know these kinda things are really just a popularity contest... but the prize is airfare to Orlando, Florida AKA... the HAPPIEST place on Earth!  (Not to mention, my grandmother lives about 2 hours from Orlando.)  So I surely wasn't passing that opportunity up.  Plus, as you know, my child is adorable.  If you want to help us out on voting, I will owe you a favor you can call in at any time!  You can cast your vote once per day per computer/household.

It's easy:

1) Go to Make sure you 'Like' the Times.
2) Click on the Cutest Kids button underneath our cover photo.

 3) Presley is on the 10th page - otherwise, you can type "Duggan" into the little search bar to find it real easy.

4) Sele…

New Beginnings.

Lately, I have really feeling the need for changes in my life.  And for some reason, this weekend I have really just decided enough is enough.  I just keep looking at myself in the mirror and expecting to feel better about my body.  It's been 4.5 months since I was pregnant and I finally have the feeling that I'm ready to get back on the saddle.

It's been so hard for me to get started after having Presley, but I'm on board to beginning a healthier lifestyle for myself again.  I just have started spending less and less time on myself to the point where I feel guilty if I do anything for myself.  I think it stems from the fact that I'm not making any money for our family and that makes me feel worthless.  On top of that, putting in so much effort into my sweet little girl everyday leaves me feeling worn out.  I'm also not keeping up with a healthy lifestyle or diet currently and you know what they say, junk in... junk out. That has never been more true!  It'…

One year.

How is it that it already feels like a lifetime ago since we found out that we were expecting?  In reality, it's been one full year.  A year ago today I took a test and from the second I left the bathroom that night, I swear life has not slowed down since.

It's been a whole year of knowing that our life would be dramatically different.
A year full of shock and surprises.
365 days of disbelief that this is going to be our life... for the rest of our life!
52 weeks of having Presley in our life.  (But at that time she was an "it"!)
More days of carrying her inside of me than having her here on the outside.
So many feelings and emotions.  So many memories and pictures.
So many days passed where she is all I could think or speak about.

Going from this...

To this...

And finally, to this....

It's hard to believe that exactly one year ago, Presley was nothing more than the results of a pee test.  And here she is today...

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is f…

Happy Independence Day, y'all!

Time has absolutely been flying by since our last post!  Let's begin with what's current and work our way back...
Fourth of July! So today is the 4th of July and while I made huge plans for celebrating today in my head -- parades, fireworks, etc -- we did just the opposite.  We celebrated today by hanging out at home!  Tony had the day off but he was a little worker bee today and really cleaned away all day.  Me and Presley... we did the sleep/eat combo (well, she ate... I mostly slept!) and it was marvelous.  We really owe Daddy now!  Later in the afternoon we got dressed and headed over to my Aunt Susie's house for a cookout, which was more or less a cook "in" since it was too hot outside.  We got to see some family members who live in Virginia and it was great spending some time with them -- wish they lived a lot closer so we could get together more often!

 Trip to Indiana!
We've been so lucky getting to spend time with family this summer!  A few days …