100th Post! (Couch to 5K Friday!)

When I started my blog back in 2010, I wasn't very hopeful that it would remain a permanent part of my life, nor did I think it would ever be an area of importance in my life.  I didn't really have any direction I wanted to go in with my blog and just felt like there probably weren't many people who would care about what I had to say.  (Sometimes I still feel like that!)  But here it is, 100 posts strong, and I am enjoying writing again and feel that this safe keeps an important time in my life.

It's funny, in my first post I was writing about how Spring 2011 was going to be my last semester of college.  And in reality, today marks the LAST day of my Summer 2012 classes which will finally complete my Bachelor's Degree!  I had 5 credit hours leftover that I had to complete and am just now getting around to it.  (It's been a busy year!!!)  So in 100 posts, I've finally come in full circle in that regard. 

Onto other news...

Couch to 5k Update:
  • On Thursday of last week (I think?) I was supposed to do Day 3 Week 2.  Instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing that day, I accidentally clicked Day 3 Week 3 on my app!  I didn't realize this until I was already 1/3 into the program so I just kept going.  Talk about just being thrown into it!  But really, it was the best run I've had so far.  I felt so great and really hit a good stride that day.
  • So then I did Week 3 Day 1 on Sunday and let me just say:  AWFUL.  It was scorching outside - so hot that we left Presley home with my mom - and both Tony and I barely made it.  It was definitely the worst run yet.
  • I was supposed to update about C25k on Wednesday, but we pretty much (accidentally) took nearly a week off from it because of the stupid hot hot weather.  After our 5 day hiatus, we completed Week 3 Day 2 today.
  • This week's Milestone:  Currently running 3 minutes straight this week!  Say what!
  • I downloaded the "Endomondo" app for my phone to track the distance of my walk/run combo.  Today in the 28:37 (just over 28 minutes) it took to complete Week 3 Day 2, I completed two full miles.  The first mile I ran/walked a 14:21/mile.  Mile 2 I ran/walked a 14:16/mile.  Pretty happy with that!  I can't wait to see what it is at the end of the program.  (And so far I LOVE the Endomondo app!  Highly suggest it if you walk or run to keep up with your progress.)
  • I went into it today thinking it would be okay to walk during some of the run time since we took 5 days off and I'd probably really suck today.  Towards the end of the last run, I really felt like I wanted to quit.  But then I gave myself a pep talk:  If you can give birth to a baby, you can do this!  And then, Linkin Park came on and I knew the music gods were in my favor and that got me moving!
  • The weather today was AMAZING.  There was sun, there was shade, there was warmth (but not too hot), and good gosh... THERE WAS A BREEZE.  Thank you, Mother Nature... thank you Mississippi River!!!!
  • My husband is still keeping up with C25k as well and he's doing great as well!  (He ran/walked a 12:29/mile 1 & 12:31/mile 2 today!)  Neither of us have "quit" on any of the run periods, either.  And since I signed us up for the 5k in September - and paid - I don't think we will be quitting or cutting corners anytime soon!
  • Thanks to my C25k partners and knowing they are out there doing the program really keeps me going, too!  I love that I've got friends to rely on for accountability.  I know I say that just about every week... but it really is great.
A little bit of our scenery.

There's daddy & Presley!

Sun, music, and the best sun glasses in the world.

The geese were out and enjoying the day as well!

Beautiful day.

So today was a big ole success!  If you would've asked me yesterday, I would have said that I think I was throwing in the towel on C25k and I was just going to walk the 5k in September.  But after getting back into it today, I am confident and feel strong!  I'm looking forward to the rest of the program -- the challenges, bumps in the road, and all.

Well, my sister is due tomorrow and still no baby!  That just means that it really could be any day now so keep your eyes peeled for an update here and hopefully Presley and I will make it to Nashville so I will have some pictures of Miss Anne Marie to update with!  So if you have a moment, please keep my family in your prayers for safe travels and a safe labor and delivery.  It's my sister Amanda's first baby!  So exciting.

Hopefully the next update there will be some kind of news to share!

Here's hoping!


  1. Go Ali! Congrats on 100 posts. I honestly have no idea how many post I have. Like 300 drafts, I know that. I always start something, never finish and then start it again and never finish. I feel like even though my follower number is (sorta) high there aren't a lotta people who give a shit about my blog. And I guess why should they? They don't know me and I don't say anything interesting, so I can't blame them. It's not quantity though, it's quality followers that count like you and your sexy self!


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