New Beginnings.

Lately, I have really feeling the need for changes in my life.  And for some reason, this weekend I have really just decided enough is enough.  I just keep looking at myself in the mirror and expecting to feel better about my body.  It's been 4.5 months since I was pregnant and I finally have the feeling that I'm ready to get back on the saddle.

It's been so hard for me to get started after having Presley, but I'm on board to beginning a healthier lifestyle for myself again.  I just have started spending less and less time on myself to the point where I feel guilty if I do anything for myself.  I think it stems from the fact that I'm not making any money for our family and that makes me feel worthless.  On top of that, putting in so much effort into my sweet little girl everyday leaves me feeling worn out.  I'm also not keeping up with a healthy lifestyle or diet currently and you know what they say, junk in... junk out. That has never been more true!  It's so bad that at the end of everyday, I am so embarrassed to log what I've eaten throughout the day on myfitnesspal.  And eating primarily fast food out of convenience leaves me feeling disgusting with no energy to do better in my daily life.

I have finally gotten to the point where enough is enough and I want to make a change and become more active.  I want my pre-baby body back, dammit!  (Or, as close as I can get.)  So I decided to start the couch to 5k program!  I actually started it this afternoon.  I felt so great the first half of it but by the end I really wanted to give up.  If Tony hadn't been there pushing me to keep going, I probably would have given up.  So I am on week one and it's an eight week deal and by the end of it I should be able to run a 5k!  I'm planning on signing up for the Palmer 5k run/walk the weekend of the Quad City Marathon on September 23, which is about 11 weeks away.  So by the time the 5k gets here, I should not only be able to finish the 5k, but hopefully I'll be able to improve my time by then.

I am notorious for giving up on things and finding excuses, so I am looking for help to stay accountable.  My plan with that is to start "Couch to 5k Wednesday" and write about how it's going Wednesday every week.  (I chose Wednesday because it's hump day/the middle of the week... it's always a struggle to make it to the halfway point - with Friday being the "finish line" - so I just felt like symbolically, Wednesday would be a good day to choose.)  This is just the beginning, though.  I want to work really hard when it comes to fitness and diet (as in eating healthy) so I can feel a pride within myself again.  I want to get out of this rut!

I feel like feeling better about myself and having more energy will cause some awesome changes in our family.  Tony has already decided he's going to do C25K with me and is thinking about signing up for the 5k as well!  It'll be awesome to do this together.  We also want to de-crap our house and get things cleaned up.  We are such slobs!  We want a home we can be proud of... a place we WANT to spend time and a place we can invite friends and family over without constantly apologizing for the mess.

Another thing I'm excited about is all thanks to Nikki at the Life of the Lasseter's. I'm going to start the rookie mom challenge this week and I am so excited!  What is the rookie mom challenge you ask?  You can go here and check it out for yourself!  It's a list of 50 activities of fun ideas for new moms to do with their kiddos once every week.  Some of them sound silly, but others really sound like they'll push me out of my comfort zone -- which is great!  It's a fun opportunity and I will be documenting all our fun outings along the way!  Maybe it will inspire me to come up with my own "bucket list" of 50 activities I want to do with Presley/as a family after it's all said and done.

This week is all about getting out of the rut I've been in and what better ways to start than these!  It may sound like I'm becoming too ambitious too soon and loading up with TOO many new things... but I hope to prove myself wrong and show that I'm capable of finishing the things I begin.  And this is all step one:  putting it out there so others can hold me accountable!  So, if anyone is interesting in starting the Rookie Mom Challenge or the C25K program, I'd love to keep up with you as you go through these experiences as well.  The more the merrier!

Alright, gotta start on some homework... which is much less exciting. Only THREE more weeks until summer classes are over and I will finally be finished with my bachelors! WOO-HOO.


  1. I feel the same way you do! I actually got to do my hair the other day and I felt like a new person, so that tells you how much time I spend on myself daily, lol. It's hard when you've got this little person so totally dependent on you to actually find time for yourself but I'm realizing it's really important to take care of ourselves too! I'm going to check into the rookie mom challenge and see if it's something I could get into.. I would say I'll do the c25k with you but I'm notorious for getting all excited and starting an exercise routine and quitting pretty quickly so I'll have to work up to that slowly, lol. Good luck this week!

  2. OMG good for you. I started week 3 of C25K, then it got to be 105 degrees outside and I made excuses and stopped. I've been meaning to pick up where I left off since it's been a couple weeks.

    I think it gets sooo much easier, I feel like weeks 1 and 2 with all the starting and stopping is really hard, but it really does help. I did it in the past (pre-baby) and lost a bunch of weight and felt better about myself!

    I tried to add your button to my blog but it keeps showing up! I'll try again later maybe my computer is just buggin' right now

  3. I'm still in a fitness funk. I just ate pizza for lunch. I haven't exercised in weeks. It's depressing yet I can't snap out of it.

    I'm glad you're finding motivation though! I could really use some but can't seem to find it. Maybe I'm content with being a little heavier than before baby.


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