QC Times "Cutest Kid in the QC" Contest.

EDIT:  Nevermind all the instructions!

Here is the direct link to vote, which is much easier:



Oh yes, alas, I entered my baby into a cutest kid contest!  I know these kinda things are really just a popularity contest... but the prize is airfare to Orlando, Florida AKA... the HAPPIEST place on Earth!  (Not to mention, my grandmother lives about 2 hours from Orlando.)  So I surely wasn't passing that opportunity up.  Plus, as you know, my child is adorable.  If you want to help us out on voting, I will owe you a favor you can call in at any time!  You can cast your vote once per day per computer/household.

It's easy:

1) Go to facebook.com/qctimes. Make sure you 'Like' the Times.
2) Click on the Cutest Kids button underneath our cover photo.

 3) Presley is on the 10th page - otherwise, you can type "Duggan" into the little search bar to find it real easy.

4) Select the entry and submit your vote!

This is the photo I submitted; it totally shows her little baby personality!
 If you could just take about a minute of your time out of each day, our family would appreciate it and will pay it forward!


  1. Done and done. :) Good luck!!

    1. Aww goodness, thanks so much, Britt! If you ever decide to enter your little cutie in a contest, I will do the exact same for you. :)


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