Weight Loss Journey.

So, let's talk about weight, shall we?

Directly preceding my pregnancy was our wedding.  And if you've been a bride before, you might have been like me and worried about looking okay in your "little white dress."  Though, at the time I was busy with school, work, life, and wedding planning -- I tried to make exercise a priority.  I enjoyed working out at the YMCA, walking, and especially Zumba.  I wasn't extremely faithful to a workout schedule, but I did okay.

For me, dieting is not something I do.  I just don't really restrict myself when it comes to food or drinks I enjoy... life is too short in my opinion.  But when it got down to the wire, wedding plans had me stressin' and the first thing that goes when I am truly anxious is my appetite.  (So much so that it took me a few days of being on my honeymoon to de-stress and gain my appetite back in full swing!)

So around the wedding time, I weighed about 150.  (And for me, that was doing pretty good for myself -- especially considering the "happy girlfriend" pounds I packed on after Tony and I moved to Illinois in 2008.)

And then I got pregnant.  And gained somewhere around 58 pounds.  I remember the last time I looked at the scale at the doctor's office I saw 208.

I know what you must be thinking, "Geez, isn't that a little excessive?"  And while I don't have a decent explanation for how exactly I gained that much weight, it is what it is, people.  Before actually becoming pregnant myself, I held two opinions when it came to weight gain and pregnancy.  
  • The first being that you are only pregnant for a brief period of your life.  It is a time of great happiness and also a time where you deserve to be pampered for your ongoing creation of a little person.  It's a time in your life where it's okay to eat pickles and ice cream in the same sitting if you so choose!
  • The second view I have is that while this is a time to take it easy, there is a difference between giving yourself a break and letting yourself go.
Throughout my pregnancy I worked at a gym in the children's area.  I got to know some wonderful moms and was lucky to gain a special perspective from their advice and experiences with pregnancy.  One mom's opinion really struck me.  She said throughout her entire pregnancy she was hell-bent on keeping up with her strict workout routine.  This didn't really make her happy but she felt like it was necessary at the time.  In hindsight, she wished she had allowed herself that time to just take it easy because the weight could always come off after the fact.

To me, that was comforting.  I was happy to hear that experience and while I stopped my exercise routine sometime throughout my pregnancy, walking was still important to me.  I had a happy pregnancy, albeit the frequent rude comments about my body or weight gain.  So after actually experiencing pregnancy firsthand, my view on pregnancy weight gain is do what fulfills you.  If that's having an extra doughnut, GO for it.  (Lord knows I did!)  And that may mean keeping up with a workout routine for others.  But don't let anyone make you feel ashamed for your decisions.

So, I gained some weight.  But more than that, I feel like I did let myself go.  I got very lazy and that is something I regret more than any weight gain.  Nevertheless, after birthing my almost 8 pound baby and through the miracle of breastfeeding as well as keeping up with my walking routine, I have said goodbye to 50 of those pounds.

And this is where I feel I have currently "hit a wall" as they say.  I have stayed within the 158-160 region for a little while now.  I would like to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 150 with an overall goal of losing an additional 10 pounds after that.  Without a doubt, I feel that this standstill has to do with my diet.  If I would make better decisions when it comes to what I put into my body, I know I wouldn't be so frustrated at the unmoving numbers on the scale.

However, what is most important to me is improving my body composition.  This is why I am giving running a try:  in hopes that it will help in toning my body as well as become an activity I enjoy.

So, in addition to my current goal of working towards running a 5k, I am also going to attempt to make better decisions when it comes to my daily food intake.  I would really like to speed this weight loss thing up so I can then focus on my fitness.  However, let's be honest, I am far from hardcore.  The plan is to just going and continue to set realistic goals for myself and strive to follow them as long as that is what makes me happy. 

Because ultimately, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.


  1. Omg, it used to make me so mad when I was pregnant and people would say things about how some pregnant women take advantage of it and use it as an excuse to let themselves go.

    I know that the end result will be so worth it, but I am still not on the right track.

    I know you can do this though girl!

  2. I really love your attitude in this post. I haven't really been hell-bent on monitoring my pregnancy weight yet at the same time, I'm trying hard to stay healthy. It has been somewhat depressing to read my pregnancy book and see that I've gained more than I am supposed to be then I realize, well, my DR has not said anything about weight gain and she is really pleasant with my progression with my pregnancy. Then I might as well enjoy being pregnant because like you said, most of us only get to experience this handful times in our lives.

    I wish you all the good luck to get back to being healthy and happy with how you look! :) I know it will pay off!!


  3. I know exactly how you feel! I gained 50 pounds! I think I was about 155 prepregnancy, somewhere around there, and I ended up at 205! Part of my weight gain was water weight, and part of it was probably eating way to much cheese, milk, and ice cream. lol. Right now I'm at 173, and it's like I'm stuck at this weight. I still have 15 pounds to lose, and it's depressing. People say breastfeeding drops pounds, and while it has, I've been stuck at the same weight for a couple of months now. :( It's so hard to find time with a baby to work out and get back to shape.


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