One year.

How is it that it already feels like a lifetime ago since we found out that we were expecting?  In reality, it's been one full year.  A year ago today I took a test and from the second I left the bathroom that night, I swear life has not slowed down since.

It's been a whole year of knowing that our life would be dramatically different.
A year full of shock and surprises.
365 days of disbelief that this is going to be our life... for the rest of our life!
52 weeks of having Presley in our life.  (But at that time she was an "it"!)
More days of carrying her inside of me than having her here on the outside.
So many feelings and emotions.  So many memories and pictures.
So many days passed where she is all I could think or speak about.

Going from this...

To this...

And finally, to this....

It's hard to believe that exactly one year ago, Presley was nothing more than the results of a pee test.  And here she is today...
We are so thankful and very much in awe of God's plan for our family.

Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above...
                      James 1:17


  1. This made me tear up a bit!! :)

    -Ashley (you may know me from MHR on Facebook)


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