Baby 3.0: 23 Weeks + MINIVAN!

If Crosby shows up on the same timetable as his sisters, then we have about sixteen weeks to go in this pregnancy! That is a long... long... long time to go.

23 weeks along in my third pregnancy
It's really not sinking in that this is more than likely my LAST pregnancy. Yes... I probably sound like I'm stuck on repeat since I said this with Molly, but now it's even more likely that this will be it. (And if you ask Tony then he say we are "99.9%" done having kids after this!) I think it will probably be a little bit more sad and will sink in a little more once Cros is here... it's easier for me to miss little babies than it is to miss pregnancy. Pregnancy isn't so glamorous! It's totally not bad, either, but it's definitely not the most comfortable I've ever been... that's for sure. But lets be real... it's such a relief when you're out of the sleepless newborn stage, too. The passage of time is so bittersweet!

Hitting the 23 week mark in all three pregnancies - first with Presley, second with Molly, third with Crosby

It's a little bit insane that I was getting ready to celebrate my 24th birthday in the first picture there, especially as I sit here writing this as 28 year old me. I don't have any insight to share in this regard, only that parenting has taught me a great deal in that amount of time. There was no amount of preparation that could have gotten me ready to become a mom the first time around. I'm so incredibly thankful we all made it through those early days and through the darkness that was postpartum depression. I can only hope and pray that the transition from 2 to 3 will be as seamless as going from 1 to 2 was for us. I think the hopelessness I felt so deeply when Presley was a newborn had a lot to do with not being able to see that it really WAS going to get better and now I have these beautiful, intelligent, wonderful girls with whom I get to spend my days. Still, PPD is something I am still so incredibly aware of and I can only hope and pray that I'll be able to ask for the medical help I need if I'm faced with it this time around. Mental health is so intimidating to face when it's in jeopardy and I have so much respect and admiration for those who advocate for awareness as well as those who face anxiety and depression.

So, back to the here and now. Crosby's been kicking up a storm lately and we're starting to see his kicks on the outside which was kinda surprising to us both! I don't remember it being this soon in my other pregnancies so it makes me wonder if we've got a little baby hulk on our hands. He's also starting to kick more and more - especially in the early morning hours when I seem to turn over and lay on my right side.

A super exciting thing around here this week was joining the minivan club!

A new-to-us 2005 Honda Odyssey
Yes, I absolutely love it. Equally as important - the kids are so obsessed with it. Presley asked me this morning if we could just go for a ride in it because she just loves being in there! My favorite thing about it is all the extra breathing room in there. I have absolutely nothing against my Fit... I really, really love that car... but we were outgrowing it. If you ask the girls what their favorite thing is it would most certainly be the DVD player! Now all I want to do is plan a road trip to really test this baby out. (Totally craving Imo's Pizza so I think a trip to St. Louis sounds wonderful!) This vehicle will be well loved and adored here with us.

This time is definitely celebration season in the Duggan family. We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, Sean turned 26, Selena turned 52, Tony turned 31 yesterday, and today is Selena & Mike's 30th anniversary!!! Next up is Father's Day and then Molly's birthday. It's definitely a fun, busy month and a half.

Also, I've got to announce the winner of the Me Before You prize pack!

Yay, Caroline! I'm glad it's ending up with someone who loves to read!! I'll mail it out to you in the next few days. And thank you to everyone who entered - you all deserve prizes. :)

And lastly, my blog posts have been a bit stagnant for some time now so I'm going to shake things up around here next week! I'll be writing with a purpose every Thursday over the course of ten weeks on ten unique topics. And I'd love for my fellow bloggers to take part if they'd like to, so stay tuned or contact me if it sounds like something you'd like to take part in!


  1. Love love love! You are an adorable preggo, as always! We've been looking for a minivan/SUV to replace my 2005 grand caravan.. What drew you to the Odyssey?


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