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Guess who broke down and got on Blogspot? :) However, the last thing I need is another reason to spend my leisure time on the computer. I just know so many people who have been posting on here and it seems like one of the best ways to keep in touch while everyone is heading in so many different directions. So, here we are! And I know we aren't technically "the Duggans" yet... but I plan on having this blog for a while so for now it just means we are "the Duggans in training" !

It's hard to believe November is right around the corner-- because around here November is definitely a time for celebrating. November means it's time for my birthday and for Thanksgiving. Not to mention, this November marks a year of engagement for Tony and I. Everybody kept telling us "This time in your life will fly bye!" and OF COURSE we didn't believe them. But somewhere along the way time has eluded us once again and we are looking at a mere 6+ months before the big day! Life is an incredible thing.

Here we are this year:

And here we are last year in Florida:

November also means that it is time for me to register for the next semester's classes. Spring 2011 will be my last full semester before earning my Bachelors Degree if all goes well! It's such an awesome feeling but it's also frightening to think that I might not be a student much longer. All these years of complaining about doing papers, projects, and reading numerous books and here I am nearly admitting that I will miss learning at the University level. I am sure I will go back for additional studies, but just not sure when or where or even for what yet.

For Tony, November is all about food. If you ask him, he is just ready to sample all that Thanksgiving has to offer him! :) He works up quite an appetite while working all that overtime these days. Another thing Tony's looking forward to is the snow that will no doubt be coming around sooner or later. We are POLAR opposites on this one... I would be just fine if we didn't get more than a light dusting of snow all winter. But, I am so looking forward to the Holiday season! I keep telling Tony I'm getting out all the Christmas decorations the day after Halloween! He says no way but we'll see... :)

That's all for now...


  1. Oh, yay! I'm the first commenter on your first post. I feel important. :)

    Welcome to the dark world of blogging! It's a fun world here!

    BTW, to answer the question you left on my blog, a big resounding YES. Go here for my archive:

  2. I have blogged for YEARS on Xanga, but for so long it had so many things on it that were just TOO personal, you know? And I wanted to start over because I feel like when I wrote back then it was an entire life ago!

    I'm hoping to keep this real but lighthearted and more public :) I love reading your posts, Stephany! So glad I stumbled across your blog!!


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