Marriage Monday: Wedding Day ABC's {Part Two}

Eeek.  Sorry I have been so late on posting for Marriage Monday the past few weeks!  Better late than never??  Here is part two of our Wedding Day ABC's!

{Part One if you missed it!}

First picture after being announced!

One of my favorite gifts from our gift opening :) Matching pillow cases!
On our way to DISNEY!!!!
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
My "something old" and "something blue" was the promise ring Tony gave me for Christmas in 2006.  It is a beautiful ring with normal diamonds and a gorgeous blue diamond right in the middle!  I love it so much and was so happy to wear it on our wedding day on my right hand.  My "something new" was my earrings & my bracelet and my "something borrowed" was the bouquet charm from my sister's wedding that was a picture of our dad!

I made our programs and man... they were such a pain in the BUTT!  I made our programs into fans and at the time I was so set on having fans that the process of putting them together was almost fun... looking back, I shouldn't have wasted my stinkin' time!!!  Here is a picture of the program so you get the general idea.  The stick that turned it into a fan has since fallen off...

Stealing a quick moment for just the two of us!

Bling bling!

Tony, the groomsmen (and I believe my father-in-law, too?), & I all wore TOMs for the wedding!  One of the best decisions I could have made!!!  They were covered up most of the time by my dress but even if they had showed the whole time I wouldn't have cared - they were comfortable and adorable!  Not only that, but I adore the aspect of giving back that the company holds and therefore it was really a no-brainer!!!

Too bad so sad for me I ruined these beauties a few days later when we got stuck in a huge downpour at Disney!!!

As I mentioned before, we went through Ducky's for the tuxedos!
The guys wore black vests & had red ties & pocket squares! Tony went with all white underneath.

Bobby (our ring bearer) wore a red vest and black bow tie!

My father-in-law (who you can see in the background) and my Uncle Jeff (who escorted me down the aisle) wore black vests & black ties.

Our handsome ushers (my future brother-in-law & my awesome cousins) matched the groomsmen.
Here is a better picture of Tony's vest - it had a paisley print on it that we both loved!

Well, one unique thing we did was smash the cake in our younger siblings faces!  When it was time to cut the cake, we told our best men and maid/matron of honor to come to the cake table so that they would be in the pictures.  But really, we were doing it so that instead of smashing it in each others faces, we could surprise them by turning on them!  It was hilarious and definitely got a roar out of the rest of our guests!!!!  HILARIOUS!  We got the idea from my aunt and uncle who did the same thing at their wedding 20+ years ago.  I was shaking the entire time just before we did it and nearly chickened out!!  I told Tony, "I absolutely can't do that to Ashley!"  So we decided to smash cakes in the other siblings face instead of our own.  I'm not gonna lie, I loved getting Sean in the face!  It wouldn't have been nearly as funny if they hadn't been such good sports about it.

We also gave our wedding party sunglasses to wear into the reception and most of us ended up wearing them all night!  Which was awesome.

We had pretty traditional vows.  I just had an overwhelming feeling that there really was something amazing about repeating words that people have been vowing to one another for years and years.  You can check out our vows here.

Wedding Woes
Oh man.  There were a few.  For example, our photographer was separated from us somehow on the way from the wedding to the reception so she wasn't able to get any pictures of our entrance!  Bummer!  You guys already know about our cake mishap.  Let's see.  Oh, another fun one is the fact that you may not know yet... the morning of our wedding day the girls and I went to get our nails done at a salon.  It was the most relaxed I had felt in weeks, probably!!!  It was wonderful.  Until I went to the bathroom and realized I was so relaxed that I had STARTED MY PERIOD.  Oh my gee.  Who does this happen to?!  Me, apparently.  So there was that.  Oh, and then there was the fact that Tony got so drunk that he passed out on our bathroom floor and puked in a flowerpot on the way out of the reception.  Our flowers were wrong.  I forgot my toss bouquet for the reception at the ceremony.  Having to set up our reception hall the morning OF the wedding because of a mistake on our wedding hall's part.  Oh and something I feel awful about TO THIS DAY??  Towards the end of the line, apparently, we ran out of food!  In addition, we didn't have enough tables and chairs for everyone who showed up!  {I am thinking there were people who changed their mind without letting us know.}  It's all small stuff in the end... but sheesh.

One of our hilarious best friends/best men decided to turn our reception into a karaoke bar for a song (or two) and it was pretty great.

You May Now Kiss the Bride
First KISS!

Zzz, the End
One of the last photos of the evening!  Some of us definitely look like we're ready to pass out...

Still exhausted at Disney World on our third day.  Exhausted from planning, from the wedding week, from the WEDDING, and from being on the go at Disney!!!  I literally dozed off right in the middle of Epcot!

Hope you enjoyed these posts because I sure as heck did!  Come back here and let me know if you decide to recap your wedding with these fun ABCs!


  1. This is awesome. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love a good wedding cake smashing! And the fact you went to Disney for your honeymoon is just too stinking cute!


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