WDW Day Five: Magic Kingdom & Be Our Guest!

We spent day five off at Magic Kingdom - absolutely a park that you want to spend more than one day at if you have the chance. So, we started off our day here by visiting one of our absolute FAVORITE characters for a meet & greet... TINKER BELL!

As you can see, Presley was completely starstruck!!!! We had a Fast Pass for this experience... there was definitely still a little bit of waiting involved but it cut down the wait time a whole lot by having a FP.  I knew we'd want to meet Tink because she is one of my absolute all-time favorite characters and we all love her movies - especially Pres! It was so fun and I wish I had gotten more pictures of the room itself - everything was huge to make Tinker Bell look and feel so tiny.

Since it's been 3 entire months since our WDW trip, I'm having a hard time forgetting the play-by-play of the day but I know we took the morning pretty easy peasy. We walked around and explored and rode rides with shorter wait times until our lunch reservation at Be Our Guest!

This picture right here is why I absolutely preach that the memory maker is worth every penny. We would have never gotten photos like this one otherwise!

When it came to booking Be Our Guest, it was a no brainer. I knew that we would accept whatever reservation we could get here - any day/time we would make it work. If you guys know me, I am a PLANNER when it comes to our Disney vacation. So I got up bright and early at the correct time to make advanced dining reservations (I think it was 5am?) exactly 180 days out from our trip. I had a list of places we wanted to go and what days we wanted to go there and the window of time we were hoping for. Cinderella's Royal Table for dinner was at the top of my list because that was the one we wanted to go to the MOST for this trip and it was followed up by Be Our Guest for both lunch and dinner. CRT is always one of the most coveted places to snag a reservation but right now I think Be Our Guest is even more popular and more difficult to get into because it's new and wonderful! So, thankfully we got reservations to both places but EVEN waking up at the crack of dawn on our 180 mark, we still kinda got crap times for the dinner reservations.

People either seem to really enjoy BOG or they feel like the food wasn't worth the price or the experience wasn't worth the trouble of trying to get a reservation. We absolutely loved the experience and the food was crazy good. I ordered the french onion soup, ham & cheese sandwich (the fancy menu name for this is Croque Monsieur), and the master's cupcake for dessert. What is the master's cupcake you ask? Let me tell you. It's a chocolate cupcake topped with "the grey stuff" aka a cookies and cream frosting. Ohhhh so good. All of it - literally every single bite of everything I ordered - was so perfect.

The cool thing about lunch at Be Our Guest is that it's a Quick Service credit (opposed to it being a Table Service credit when you eat there at dinner). If that doesn't make sense to you and you want to understand what I mean, just do some research on the Disney Dining Plan and it might make more sense after you read about that. BOG is the only quick service restaurant that requires you to make a reservation beforehand. I felt like this made everything super efficient and convenient. You place your order shortly after walking in at a super user-friendly kiosk.

It looks hectic but it was super streamline.
They bring your parties food out to you once it's ready. I honestly have no idea how they found our party so easy when they have no idea where you seated yourself. Selena said there is probably GPS in our Magic Bands which is kinda cool/creepy but totally makes sense.

Not only do you pick out your own table but you also got to pick which room you'd like to dine in out of the three - the West Wing (Presley wasn't going for this option - it's the creepy dark room), the Grand Ballroom, or the Castle Gallery. We chose the Castle Gallery because we found an open table that accommodated our group. Also, it was close to the drink refill station. Upon first glance it's probably the least interesting out of the three rooms but it's one of those rooms where the more you look around the cooler it gets.

The view of the Castle Gallery room from my seat
The focal point of the Castle Gallery is this pretty statue of Belle and Beast that dances around the entire time.

Relaxing in this comfy booth and waiting for our food to show up!

So happy and super excited!

The majority of these photos are my husbands. When we got home I realized how little I took pictures while we were there and I was SO upset. Tony showed me all the awesome pictures he took and he told me he tried to take as many pictures as he could while we were there so we could look back and enjoy them later. The swoon-worthy part was that he told me he wanted to do that so that I could fully enjoy everything in the moment. Is he not the best man in the world?! Makes me tear up. (But yes... I am hormonal...)

So back to the pictures.

Some of the beautiful details.

The Master's Cupcake. So delicious.

Walking through the Grand Ballroom.

There were good and great things about both lunch and dinner at Be Our Guest but when it comes to BOG for us in the future, I will more than likely opt for lunch rather than dinner.  But more on that later.

After we finished up with lunch we rode some more rides. Again, I don't remember anything at this point! I do know that Presley and I waited in the longest line for the longest time to ride Aladdin's Magic Carpets and man did that ride look extremely dated! It needs some TLC. Even still, we had so much fun!!! (And to be fair, I'm sure it looked so dated because the last time we rode a ride similar to this one was a few days earlier on Dumbo the Flying Elephant - literally the same concept ride. And the Dumbo ride was a new addition for Fantsyland so of course it was bright and beautiful and new! So it made Aladdin's carpets look like a carnival ride in comparison!)

Tony took this one... that's me holding my arms out like I'm having the best day of my life. Which is what I was thinking at that exact moment!

So excited to ride this with her!

We had a LeFou's Brew (which is a "no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmellow topped with an all-natural passion fruit-mango foam") from Gaston's Tavern while we were walking around MK. We got it with a snack credit and for me it was just OKAY but Tony and the girls loved it. It was a little too tangy and too overwhelming for me but I'd definitely say try it once and glad we did!

I had a Fast Pass to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and none of us had ridden it yet this trip so I decided to sneak away with Presley and BOOK it to the ride before we lost our Fast Pass slot and we ended up being the only ones to ride it on this trip and I'm so so so glad we got it in because it is honestly one of my FAVORITE rides at Disney World!

Presley was a little freaked out on this ride as it's a little spooky, especially with the cannons going off but overall she can understand it's just pretend and seemed to like it!

When we got off the ride Jack Sparrow was entertaining a crowd but unfortunately we had no time to stop and watch!

One of the other Fast Pass experiences of the day was meeting Anna and Elsa!!!! I'm so glad we did this because not only is Presley such a huge fan, but Molly is so in love with the movie, music, and characters, too! Pretty much the entire trip Molly just tolerated all the characters we came in contact with. And in the beginning she would cry and struggle out of our arms to get away from them! But not with Anna. I don't know what made Anna want to do this, but she came nose-to-nose with Molly and oh.my.goodness! She was entranced!!! It was a special moment.

Presley was in literal shock... could not believe what was happening to her!

Anna was so animated and just precious with the kids! Right here she was imitating Sven for Molly.

After this we headed back to Be Our Guest for our late late late dinner. This time we dined in the Grand Ballroom! I'm so glad we got to experience two different rooms at Be Our Guest! This room was beautiful and you really honestly felt like you were living part of the movie being there. Halfway through our meal Beast was introduced to the room and that was pretty neat. I got the layered ratatouille (which was a vegetarian dish) for dinner. It was just OK for me... wasn't a huge fan but I didn't completely hate it either. I really preferred their more simple lunch menu.

Once we finished up dinner and dessert we got to go visit Beast in his study! By this point Molly had food - mostly dessert - all over her face. We decided not to clean her up as it would make for a hilarious photo opportunity and it surely did. I told the staff in line that she ate like Beast at dinner! Thankfully they all found it pretty funny instead of thinking we were crazy!!

Snow falling! So magical.

The West Wing! 
A dessert cart!
The enchanted rose

Presley in the Castle Gallery room where we ate lunch earlier in the day 
My little Belle holding Lumiere!

It's Beast!!!!! 
Our sweet girl was not scared at all - she understood this was the more civilized Beast after he became nice from falling in love with Belle.

After dinner I tried to cram in some more rides while the park was so empty but overall our crew was not having it. It was a LONG day and everyone was tired and ready to go to bed!

So that's a wrap on day five! I tried to pack in as much detail as I could remember but seeing as I don't remember what we did between meals - aside from a few rides - I feel like there is a whole lot I'm leaving out. But if I keep putting off finishing up our vacation posts there will really be nothing left to remember!!!


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