Three and a half weeks stronger!

So, this won't be much of a post, but I just wanted to write quickly that things are going well these days!

I think it helps tremendously that we are really getting a nightly routine together and Presley is starting to become a wonderful nighttime sleeper!!!  (I am SO proud of her!)  We are still laying down around 10pm -- some nights she doesn't get to sleep until 11pm but other nights she will drift right off!  She's sleeping about 3-4 hours between feedings and we'll usually get up for the day between 10am-noon.  I've been swaddling her the past couple of nights and she almost always uses her pacifier.  She's still in her bassinet in our room at the foot of our bed.  Thankfully, Tony is a very sound sleeper and he can sleep through our mid-night feedings, getting up for diaper changes, and even through her cries!  He's working about 11 hours each day and a few hours on Saturdays... this is fabulous for our bank account but I miss him so much throughout each day and wish we had more time together.  I know all this overtime isn't going to last forever, but right now is when I need his love, help, and support most.

Thank goodness for the friends and family members who have been supporting me each and every day, reassuring me that I'm strong enough and can make it through the day.  Oh, and thank GOD for TV shows like the Big Bang Theory, the Ellen Show, Two & a Half Men, Family Feud, the Chew & the Revolution.... shows I watch EVERY day that keep me laughing and feeling normal until I have some real adult interaction!!!

During the day I hold Presley while she naps on and off and even though I'm terribly afraid she'll never let me set her down ever again, I truly love bonding with her.  She already smiles all the time (but not really on purpose yet) and makes the funniest/sweetest faces ever; I am CONSTANTLY kissing her cheeks, head, etc! 

I've gotten so much more confident already in being a parent but I still cripple under all this responsibility that I'll have for the rest of my life.  (!)  I feel more like myself these days, which I am hoping is a sign that my raging hormones have returned to somewhat normal-- I'm sure I'll never be "normal" again!  And I really do think that since we've gotten a better night routine down that this is helping things tremendously.  Unfortunately, I am caffeine-free in order to help our nightly routine, but honestly... it is worth it right now!  I'd rather continue breastfeeding (aka, saving money instead of buying formula!) more than I'd rather have an ice cold Coke!  (I really do miss it though and hate to see a Coca Cola commercial!!!!)  But 7-Up is doing the trick for me once a day!

Alright, that's all for this post.  Thanks again for all the support on the last post everybody... I appreciate it more than any of you may really know.  All the positivity, encouragement, love, laughs, and sharing your personal experience really makes me realize that I can and will do this and I will survive!!! :)  Keep it coming!


  1. i'm just so proud of you guys & so astonished at Presley's beauty!! (i knew she was going to be beautiful :) ) anywhoooo....keep up the good work mommy duggan! :) we're all proud of you and i love Presley already, even though i haven't met her!!!


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