Exactly FOUR years ago today, Tony & I were wrapping up the B-E-S-T week of my life from our honeymoon at Walt Disney World! The entire week was just perfect! Everything was filled with so much magic from start to finish and the closeness I felt to Tony in our perfect little honeymoon cocoon was something I never wanted to leave. We were lounging by the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge and literally soaking in the last of the gorgeous Florida sun and beautiful weather. I don't think I will ever get sick of that sight.

It was such a great way to finish up such a fun and fast-paced honeymoon by just slowing it down and relaxing until it was time to leave. I wish after our busy week at Disney that we could have stayed an entire second week JUST at the resort to unwind and relax... but a few hours on our last day would just have to do!

Later that evening we were on a plane from Orlando, Florida to Chicago. It was an evening flight and when we were just beginning to leave Orlando we caught the fireworks going off at Magic Kingdom. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect send off. So while we were reflecting on our trip with the fireworks going off, we put on some headphones and plugged them into the free XM radio in the armrest when one of our songs came on.

Fireflies by Owl City| The song became significant to us on our previous trip to Florida in 2009 to visit my Gramma Myers - the trip that Tony proposed on! It seemed like every time the radio came on, this song played. We both loved the song and thought it was so hilarious that it kept playing. I'm pretty sure when we jumped in the car right after Tony asked me to marry him it played... so it just really ended up being a song that meant a lot to us.
That's one of the little details from our honeymoon week that I don't think I will ever forget. Or at least, I hope I'll never forget how I felt in that moment.

Going home together is the only good thing about having to leave Disney!

Snacking on some of the Disney chips we got brought home
SO sad to say goodbye to our magical honeymoon!

Once we landed in Chicago we picked up my car from our hotel and headed back to the Quad Cities. But first we had to pick up something to eat... and what did we choose...

White Castle. After a week of deluxe dining we chose the exact opposite. (And we regret it just a tad bit afterwards, too!)

We made it back home late that night to our Silvis crapartment with the shag carpet & bugs galore and went about our normal lives again for the next few weeks... little did we know the huge shock that would soon be coming to us via pregnancy test! A gigantic part of me would love to go back in time to me four years ago and enjoy those few weeks as Mr. & Mrs. Duggan before pregnancy and parenthood and savor in our time together. I'm so incredibly thankful to be married to a person who is my best friend with memories together that are so happy that I just wish I could go back in time and experience it all over again! I'm even more grateful to be able to create new, amazing memories together plus our little heathens! We're FINALLY planning a return trip to Walt Disney World that will be our children's FIRST trip and I am so excited I could just scream!!! It'll also be our first family vacation since our trip to Florida with Amanda, John, & Anne Marie in 2013.

It's pretty hilarious now that I'm sitting down & thinking about it... I went to Anna Maria Island, Florida to visit my Gramma in 2008 with my little sister, again in 2009 for my birthday with my boyfriend/fiance, to Anna Maria again in 2010 with my sister & brother-in-law for Thanksgiving, to Orlando in 2011 with my husband, and back to the Anna Maria area in 2013 with family. Now we're planning a 2015 trip to Anna Maria & Orlando! So I guess it has unintentionally been at least every two years to go and visit.

I can't wait to visit my amazing Gramma, walk on my favorite beach, and introduce my daughter's to one of the most magical places I've ever been!


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