Four Years of Marriage

It really, really doesn't seem like all that long since our wedding day. Even more unbelievable is all that has happened in our lives since then! It's funny to think that our life would slow down after I finished college and wedding planning was over. Jokes on me! Life has been in overdrive since then and we've changed so so many things. Last names, addresses, states, jobs, family size, cars, and went from rent to a mortgage. Here's a quick glimpse of the last year of our marriage....

May 2014

June 2014

July 2014

August 2014 

September 2014

October 2014

November 2014

December 2014

January 2015

February 2015

March 2015

April 2015

May 2015

Year four was a crazy, busy one! The ride wasn't always easy this last year but I absolutely love where it's lead us. One of my favorite reflections to hold onto right now is: We're not perfect people (and we don't live in a perfect world)... but why should that keep us from being happy? (Does anyone else out there find these little mantras that stick with you and help pull you along sometimes?) Life is seriously too short to dwell on and live in the negative.

It's so easy to make the focus of a marriage your children!!! So easy. Mostly because children require lots and lots of love and attention. And also because they're so darn cute and you love them so much! We're striving to remember to keep our relationship a strong, central part of our family unit. My mother-in-law coming to watch the kids to allow us a date night has been a lifesaver for that as well.

Of course we also expanded our family this last year of marriage so that was exciting, too! I worried for so long about how that would affect our family and now I can't imagine our life any other way.

I think it's important to remember that you are responsible in helping to create the marriage you would like to have. And it takes work to get there, that's for sure!

There is no one I'd rather be married to and in the end that is what I love about being married. Tony is who I want to spend my life right next to and I'm very incredibly blessed to be able to do just that.


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