Father's Day

First of all, let me just say it feels good to change the look of my blog a little bit.  I love to shake things up every once in a while.  Especially considering the recent additions to our life in the past four months -- Presley!  I felt like she wasn't included enough in description and decor so I definitely feel satisfied now.  I wonder how long it'll be until the next update though since she is growing like a weed.

And next, the big exciting thing on the agenda this weekend is Father's Day!  It'll be Tony's first time to celebrate as a Papa Bear himself and I really hope I can make the day special for him and let him know how much he means to Presley and I.  I always knew from the very start of getting to know Tony that he was a gentle giant.  Not only that, but he was respectful and kind to everybody and that really attracted me to him.

So it is definitely not shocking to me today to see him as the sweet, gentle, and loving daddy that he is with Presley.

Not only that, but he is so supportive of me.  For goodness sakes, those first few weeks were so hard on me.  It was a difficult adjustment bringing Presley home and even more taxing just trying to form a relationship with her.  And of course I felt so guilty for not having that instant connection with her as I've mentioned here before.  On top of all that, having Tony go back to work on overtime was just the straw that nearly broke the camel's back!  Not only did he balance all that work and little sleep -- but he was and has remained such a solid rock for me to lean on.  Before Presley, he had never changed a diaper before (not to mention a little girl's diaper) and he was nervous about handling a little baby girl as well.  Not only has he gotten over the fear of changing a baby's diaper, but he has been peed and pooped on and does it all with no complaints and almost always a smile on his face.  When I stop and think about the crazy ride we've been on for the past four months, it really makes me laugh!  We have been attached at the hip for the past 11+ years and in that time I figured we knew everything there was to know about each other.  But getting to know him as my husband and now my child's father has already added so many new dimensions to what I feel for him and in what ways I know and love him.  It's just awesome to be able to do all this next to someone you consider to be your best friend. 

Anyways, wishing a very happy first father's day to my husband, Tony.  I love everything about you.  Thank you so much for being the best father that I could ever imagine.  I love watching you and Presley get to know each other and I can't wait to see how the two of you will get to interact with one another through the years.  You mean the world to me and to be able to go through life with you at my side makes EVERY thing worth it.

To the little girl who has made me a mama, thank you for also making Tony your daddy.  :) 
Oh, also, our baby is flying in this picture.  Pretty cool, huh?

And as always, I am so thankful for the best dad that I could have ever dreamed of having.

I was just telling Tony about something I wish I hadn't lost as a child so I could still have it today.  One of the most awesome things we did while I was in kindergarten was a project that made us realize how special we were.  Our classmates each filled out a paper that said something along the lines of, "Allison is special because ______."  Most people said things like, "because she plays with me at recess."  Then below was a space for each child to draw a picture of the sentence they wrote.  In addition to our classmates, one sheet got sent home with us for our parents to fill out.  I expected my mom to fill it out because she always did those special things for us but was very surprised to see my dad's handwriting on the page when I received my "special" book from Mrs. Smith.  Not only did he fill out the sentence as to why I was special, but he filled the entire page with reason after reason as to why he thought I was special.  It meant so much to me then and when I found my special book a few years later, I tore out his page and kept it somewhere special so I'd always have it.  Unfortunately, a couple years ago I found my "special" book but lost my dad's page.  The memory of the experience is what's important; but I would give nearly anything to have that paper with me today to know what I meant to my dad.  As usual, I just look forward to seeing him again so he can tell me in person!

To all the special dads out there -- HAPPY FATHERS DAY!  I hope you know how much you mean to your children and to your entire family.  Every child should get the chance to grow up knowing they are loved so much by their parents.  To those of you who are missing your dad on father's day, I hope you can reflect on a special memory the two of you made together.  Remember that they are always with you in your heart.


  1. Thank you, that article was very enlightening! Articles like that make me wonder why more women don't even try breastfeeding... Anyway i think Presley looks a lot like you when you were little! Soooooo darn cute! And it sounds like you have a wonderful dad and so does Presley. We're so lucky to have such wonderful daddies in our lives! :)

  2. She looks so tiny in that picture of her in the air! Also, Natalie had that same I heart daddy onesie. Happy belated Fathers day to your wonderful man. :)


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