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So, today is somewhat of a link up dump!  I love both of these link ups & the hosts, so check them out. 
Currently: Harvesting Kale & Write Yourself Happy (Positive Affirmations): Smile & Write
First up, this week's prompts are {clearing, digging, mixing, reading, watching}


CLEARING:  Our bank account.  Man.  It seems like all I'm doing lately is spending money on groceries or something we need for the house.  Tony even talked me into a $60 leaf blower!  And he was very convincing!!!  (And on his behalf, it is something that we needed.  But still!)  This was on top of the new mower.  And a $45 extension cord.  And new curtains and a rod.  And a million other things.  I will be excited when it all settles down and starts to pay off.  We will also need shoe molding for the entire house (ughhhhh.... stupid project), a few area rugs (I'm thinking eventually for the living room, dining area, & bedroom), to install a new disposal (which was "working" before we moved in & cleared the inspection.... somehow...), a weed eater... and that is just the short list.  It's all very exciting but I am going to feel much better when we are spending less!

DIGGING:  The fact that it is almost Thursday already.  The Scandal finale is tomorrow and I can hardly wait!  I'm several episodes behind with Grey's Anatomy... as usual, but thankfully we have a few more weeks before that season finale.  I'm also SUPER behind on Parenthood & How I Met Your Mother... which YES... means I have NOT seen the finale yet and NO I would not like any spoilers!  The speakers for our computer went out so I just need to catch up on my phone.  Eventually.

MIXING:  I am feeling EXTREMELY mixed on whether or not to transition Presley to a toddler bed before Molly comes.  So many pros/cons and informed opinions.  Ultimately, the decision is ours because every kid is different from the next and as her parents, we know her best.  The thing that is completely throwing me off is the fact that she is STILL UP as I type - an hour after she laid down in her crib!  It is SO DISHEARTENING going from a serious sleeper to someone who plays at bedtime now for so long.  Will this get better in a toddler bed, stay the same, or get worse?  I guess I'm just worried that she isn't ready for it.  I'm worried that she will backslide once Molly is here.  And I'm worried it will affect all of our sleep!  Tony's response?  "Well we can't keep her in a crib forever."  -_-  I wonder if switching to a video monitor for Presley would take some of that anxiety away.

READING:  I just got involved in giving myself a reading challenge with the Goodreads website/app.  I think once I have Molly I am going to regret setting such an ambitious challenge for myself - which is 24 books this year.  Especially considering I started the challenge in April.  Usually, this wouldn't be so bad, but with a newborn?  I am thinking it's just not gonna happen (I'm already 6 books behind schedule...) but we'll see.  Reading any amount of books is better than none at all.  I started the challenge re-reading the Hunger Games and I am still stuck there.  I have not been able to keep my eyes open at night to read!  The book, however, is just as awesome as I remember.

WATCHING:  We've been watching "Ultimate Car Build-off" on Netflix the past few nights (you can guess who chose this) and it is a really good show.  Cars and sports are two of Tony's favorite pastimes and hobbies and thank the good Lord that I've honestly come to love them both as well.  Of course, not as fervently as he does, but I do really enjoy them nonetheless.  Anyways, they have to do these crazy challenges on the show and these shop guys are pretty spectacular with what they can pull off with random vehicles in 40 hours!

Five affirmations for my life:

  • A ship in port is safe but that's not what ships are built for.  Grace Murray Hopper
  • You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important.  Aibileen Clark
  • I am thankful for today.
  • Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional.  It's a sign that you have a big heart, and that you aren't afraid to let others see it.  Showing your emotions is a sign of strength."  Brigitte Nicole
  • Therefore, what God has joined together, let not man separate.  Matthew 19:6

I plan to incorporate a couple of these the more I begin decorating - the first two are absolutely going up somewhere in this home.  The first one on the list is very special to me and became ingrained in my heart during a TEC weekend a few years ago.  The second definitely speaks to my heart and is from the movie/book The Help at one of the most moving points of the story for me.  The last affirmation on the list is something that has always given me comfort in the struggles that come in our marriage.  The third and fourth on the list are such needed reminders for me - to just stop and be THANKFUL for today and to also stop apologizing when expressing genuine emotions... especially the ones that might make myself/others feel a little uncomfortable at first (such as crying).

I'd love to know what you guys have currently been up to and/or the five affirmations that resound for you.  You can link up through the bloggers listed above!  Thanks to both hosts for bringing bloggers together and giving us the chance to express ourselves further.


  1. We are currently putting in shoe molding in our entire basement as well. Blah!

    1. Yuck! Are you using a nail gun? I am nooootttt looking forward to that project. But it will look so much better with shoe molding!!!

  2. Do you guys watch Top Gear? Tony would like that. :) we watch it on Netflix!

    1. OH yes. He's seen every episode on there (some several times) and is IMpatiently awaiting the addition of the next season LOL! Such a good show!!! I love the guys - they are so hilarious.

  3. Showing your emotions IS a sign of strength! I think I just realized this a few months ago. Thanks for linking up this week, my friend! P.S. Your kids are adorable!!


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