Preggers by Therafirm {Review & Giveaway!}

I am so happy to be sharing on this subject today.  Let me start by saying, pregnancy isn't always very glamorous... there are a lot of unattractive things that happen on a very regular basis.  The good news is - as long as your sense of humor is healthy and intact, you will survive these occurrences and laugh each one of them off.  Okay, okay... now you need an example?  Well, I am in my third trimester today, which is impossible to wrap my mind around!  If you know someone who has been this pregnant, they will likely tell you this is when things tend to get ugly - your bladder is harder to control on it's own, you feel so huge that you can hardly find a sleeping position (or sitting position!) comfortably... things of that nature.

Another thing that was very obvious in both of my pregnancies - swelling.  Another ugly byproduct of pregnancy.  I remember in my first pregnancy, my grandmother suggested getting support hose.  My first thought was, "What the heck is that?" and then once she told me more about it, the more comfortable they sounded.  She got me a pair of support socks that I wore towards the end of my pregnancy when traveling long distance over the holidays.  The socks were very basic, served their purpose, but were not very stylish - which is completely okay with me... for those who know me know I will sacrifice style for comfort any day of the week if need be!

Lucky for you (and me!) thanks to Preggers® by Therafirm, we really can have both style and comfort because their products are developed by future moms for future moms!  What's not to love about that?

Let me start with a little information about what they offer and how fantastic they are:  Preggers offers moms-to-be leggings, tights, pantyhose, compression socks, and maternity bands - and all products are gradient compression products.  Simply put, this means that they are tightest near the ankles, with pressure decreasing the further up the product you go.  This allows optimal blood flow and circulation for achy, swollen legs of us pregnant ladies. (And non-pregnant friends - just so you know, you're not missing out on this fun either because GOGO by Therafirm is their sister site with similar products for non-maternity clothing!)

Preggers offers so many brilliant colors (boho pink, blue my mind, shop teal you drop, etc...) and products also come in sizes ranging from plus size to petite!  Another huge reason to love them?  Therafirm products are made right here in the USA.  I also really appreciate the layout of their website and how easy it is to navigate.  You can find their frequently asked questions & answers, how to properly wear the products, where you can find a retailer nearby, and pretty much anything else you might need to know before ordering.

Now... to show you what I got!

First up - I got the tights in boho pink!  Such a fun color - especially when carrying a baby girl!

Hindsight?  I would go back and get a darker shade because I think it would look better with my complexion.  Not to mention, I am just not a tights person!  But I wanted to give them a try.  I think if you like wearing tights, you would absolutely like this brand.  And yes, this is the only picture I got while I was wearing these beauties.  Just means I will have to wear them again in the future and get Tony to take a better picture for me!

Next up - I got the leggings in black.  Classic.

I really, really love these and would highly recommend them.   They are a challenge to get on when you are THIS big... but trust me, worth the struggle!  My legs felt better in them and they were super light and breathable.  (For the record, I'm wearing them with a green wraparound maternity dress.  I should have worn an undershirt underneath the dress because the top was a little revealing - so I put my sweater over it and you can hardly tell what I'm wearing!)  We planned on going out to dinner tonight and I was going to get fancied up and everything - but today was delivery day for our furniture and part of the load had to come later in the evening so we ended up just getting Chinese takeout.  Anyways, back to these leggings!  I am so beyond happy to own these and you will be seeing me wear them over and over again.

And here comes the really fun part:

One of my awesome and lucky readers will be winning a $50 gift card from Preggers by Therafirm!!!  Like I said, these products are outstanding and the brand is very upstanding.  You can enter for a chance to win using the Rafflecopter below!  GOOD LUCK!

A huge thank you to Preggers for the opportunity to review your brand and products and for the giveaway for my readers!

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  1. I would get leggings for sure.
    I am due a little after you (Aug 7), so I am getting to the uncomfortable stage as well.

  2. I would use the $50 to get some leggings for the lovely Spring weather here in WI while I finish out the last 15 weeks of my pregnancy

  3. Now that Matthew is here, I would use the gift card to buy some comfy leggings from the GOGO sister site.

  4. I live in comfy clothes and would use the giftcard to buy some leggings!


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