Five on Friday.

Proud owner of a breadmaker.  Now that I have one, I'm a little intimidated to get started.  I think I'll just have to find a simple recipe and start from there.  If you have any favorite bread recipes that are tried and true - make sure to share it!

Book Hangover.
When will I learn?!  I swear, this is the 3rd or 4th time I've read through the Hunger Games books and I am just an emotional mess.  I'm not ready to let go of those characters or the story and I think the worst of it is the ending of the series.  It just feels so unfinished.  Like I am waiting to hear the rest or have a better explanation of how the characters got from point A to point B.  I have been wanting to read the Divergent series ever since getting them for Christmas - but now I don't want to start it because I feel like I will resent the book and characters for not being the Hunger Games.  I almost just want to reread all the Twilight books because I had such a strong connection to that story/characters.  Or maybe the answer is reading a regular, stand-alone book before reading another series and getting so attached.  Maybe I should do that.  Anyways, I definitely didn't foresee finishing the books another time around having this much of an impact on me.  Again.  Only 210 more days until the first Mockingjay movie hits theaters!

Bad, iPhone!
Back up your iPhone before agreeing to any updates!  I made the mistake of not doing so and lost some of my photos, videos, and had to re-download all my apps, etc because it went into restore mode or something.  Also, take a screen shot of your home screen before updating, too.  Mine feels so disjointed because I'm getting used to where everything is now that I can't remember exactly how everything was situated before.  I know... not a very substantial problem to complain about - all I'm saying it be prepared in case it happens to you.

I made a Chipotle-inspiried dinner at home last night and it was a huge success!!!  Let me start by saying I got a big top round roast marked down from Target and I honestly had no idea what I was going to do with it.  First instinct in finding a recipe proved to be a good one (aka Pinterest) and I found this instantly drool-worthy recipe for the meat.  Thanks to this fantastic blog I also found a recipe for a Cilantro-Corn Salsa and also Cilantro-Lime Rice (both similar to what Chipotle offers).  It was super delicious!!!  I'm excited to heat up leftovers and see how they taste the second time around.  It all turned out something like this.  Amazing!
I love our life - but I miss having more moments like this.

Granted, it's not everyday that you get to celebrate some of your best friends getting married, but I just look back to so many of our adventures pre-kids and wonder if our life will ever resemble that again... even slightly.  I think it would be easier if we lived near our friends with kids (my sisters, my cousin, friends back in Illinois with kids/nieces or nephews...), because then we would have common interests that would draw the families together more often... but I tell you, it gets lonely being a stay-at-home mom.  It's a great life, but I wish there were more opportunities to share with others.  Not to mention, I have a hard time branching out.  But I suppose that is necessary when moving.  I know I've said it so much lately... but I am really kicking myself for all the moments I took for granted living so close to the family and friends in the Quad Cities.  I haven't missed our old rental home or the weather since we moved - but I have severely missed living in Moline, being 5-10 minutes from anywhere I needed to go, living 4 miles away from the nearest relative, our old routines and the places we frequented, and just the community there in general.  It really was home.  I always felt stuck living in the Midwest (mostly because it was frigid half of the year) and knew I'd like to get back to Tennessee, so I feel somewhat ludicrous for having this reaction.  But it turns out, I am having a hard time letting go.


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