Five on Friday!

Finally at my first prenatal appointment since the beginning of December and it was a pretty equal balance of horrible and awesome.  I come from a very busy, efficient OBGYN practice and never waited an unrealistic amount of time for an appointment.  The new place seems extremely busy and unfortunately I waited over an hour before seeing my doctor.  (From start to finish we were there just over 3 hours.)  To me, that is crazy talk.  And what made it seriously awful was that Presley was with me.  Another awful part?  I went in expecting a quick check up (because that's what I was told it would be) and it turned into a seriously drawn out appointment with an ultrasound, blood draw, pee-in-a-cup... those kind of things.  Granted, I was in need of all those things, BUT I purposely made sure beforehand to find out what to expect so I would know whether or not I needed to find someone to watch Presley girl.  I don't like subjecting her to these things unless I absolutely have to.  (Waiting around and being told "No!" all morning long is not fun for a 2 year old or her mom.)  Another not-so-fun part was being talked to like I was an irresponsible parent who neglected to come in from December until now for prenatal care.  I tried my best to explain that it was an unfortunate delay that I didn't want because of waiting for healthcare coverage PLUS not being able to be seen until now by this practice.  The doctor and ultrasonographer still treated me like I was an idiot.  Oh well.

An awesome part of the appointment today?  I ran into a really great friend I haven't seen since highschool at the tail end of my appointment today!  She seriously walked up at the perfect time - Presley was absolutely getting bent out of shape and I was literally JUST about to have my blood drawn.  Not only did Presley settle down, but I had someone to talk to and didn't have to think about the needle/blood/etc.  And she is one of those people you run into and leave feeling lighter and better than before - seriously just perfect to see her today.

Another awesome part is that all of these procedures/tests were done and I feel a HUGE weight lifted from my shoulders as a result.  Though I didn't appreciate the way I was talked to by the personnel, I can already tell that they take their jobs seriously and were very thorough with their duties and that they took my specific pregnancy with utmost care and seriousness.  That was VERY much appreciated as well. 

It became apparent that my new doctor took my care seriously when I received a phone call from the office two hours after I left - which I thought was odd.  Turns out, the doctor reviewed the ultrasound scans and found that it showed a mild dilation of Molly's right and left kidney.  The nurse let me know that they were putting in a referral to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and that they would be in touch with me once they scheduled an appointment to do further research on her kidneys.

From the preliminary research Tony & I have both done so far - it seems like it's nothing to worry about, especially not at this point when we still don't have anything to go on for sure.  Like I said before, I really do appreciate the diligence of the staff at my new OBGYN office and feel cared for already and for that I am very thankful!   

 If you haven't tried Chicken Enchilada Pasta, seriously... give it a shot.  This is a staple in our household and my husband crave it all the time!  Every single time I make it, I swear it tastes a little different that before.  It's a super easy recipe and you can personalize it as you want (we add corn to ours plus fresh tomatoes... YUM) and the flavor is just amazing.  I made it last night and I already want to make it again tonight!

We are planning on taking Presley to see the Easter Bunny this weekend!  She is currently in stranger danger mode... so I fear I may do some emotional damage... but I am hoping for the best.  Plus, a free 4x6 photo from Bass Pro Shop with the bunny?  How can you turn that down?

Presley's sleep has been off the wall lately.  She has started to throw what I call micro-fits before bed or nap time and has gone from a kid who falls asleep right away to a kiddo who sits in her crib and plays/jumps/talks for at least an hour before tuckering out.  It's been a little exhausting, only because I don't know how to amend the situation, but for the most part it seems to get a little better everyday.  Or maybe I'm just becoming a little more immune to it everyday.  I take solace in knowing I am not the only parent who deals with sleep problems from their kids and the stress that comes along with that.

To balance it out - three things Presley LOVES doing lately is taking a bath in our huge bathtub, running like a wild woman throughout our bathroom (is it weird that our bathroom is carpeted?), and taking selfies.

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