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Watching:  The same movie over and over again.  That would be the Hunger Games.  I can't believe it's going to be a whole 7 months before Catching Fire is out in theaters.  The trailer looks so fantastic - I feel like this second movie is going to be much huger than the first.  Which is how it is with most movie series.  I hope they took their time and added more from the book than they did the first movie!  Besides that, we are always watching Sesame Street on Netflix streaming!
Elmo has her full attention!
 Looking for:  A nice bike trailer.  Or perhaps the recommendation of a brand to look into.  We have a bike seat that goes on the back of our bike for Presley that we got from a friend - but I am also interested at looking into a trailer.  They are pretty expensive though!  So if anyone in the area sees a decent used one - let me know!

Growing:  Impatient for the weather to clear up.  It's been unseasonably cool for Spring and now it's pouring buckets outside - so much so that their is major flooding here in the Quad Cities.  {I guess there is one downfall to living along the Mississippi River.  Even still, I am consider myself supremely lucky to live so close to something so magnificent.}  I can't wait to start the C25K program again!  Maybe I actually will submit to a gym membership again.

Riding:  In the lap of luxury every day!  If you didn't already know, we bought a family car back in October and decided to get the Honda Fit.  I still love my little Corolla, but it really is nice to have things like a radio, cruise control, and automatic windows.  Though none of those are necessities, they sure are nice.  My favorite part is feeling that Presley is safer in the car.

Reading:  Catching Fire.  Again.  The series is just that good.  Plus, I am one of those people who get so sucked into a book series that it's hard for me to put the books down!  I have to say though that this is the first time I've ever started the series again right after I finished them.  I read all three books so quickly that I wanted to pay closer attention to detail this time around and so far, so good.



  1. I am totally counting down to Catching Fire in November. I can't wait.

    Totally random tv show on Netflix I have recently fallen in love with is "Call the Midwives" it is a BBC tv show based in London in the 50s (I think memory escapes me) - but I am fascinated by life in that time period and what not. You may enjoy it. It only has the first season with six episodes but totally worth watching

    I LOVE netflix - I don't have cable and so netflix is my go-to for tv.

    Any movie or tv show suggestions suggestions?


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