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This weeks prompts are {drinking, buying, driving, missing, obsessing}

Presley is... 
Driving - me crazy!  Okay, not really, but man.  Her nap schedule has been draining on me lately.  She's been getting up earlier in the mornings, refusing a second nap even though she's exhausted, and getting extra fussy early in the evening as a result.
Obsessing - over the new addition to our yard!  Presley's great aunt got her a giant pinwheel flower for the yard and whenever we step outside the door she starts shouting and pointing at it until we head that way!  She shouts, "Beeebeee!  Beeebeee!" mostly because it's one of the words she says that is in the English language but I also think she's claiming it as her own.  I'm glad she likes it!
Missing - her daddy throughout the day.  I know she really liked having him around 24/7 over his mini-Easter break.

Tony is... 
Drinking - coffee.  It's kind of a morning staple for him.  And he won't budge from using peppermint mocha creamer.  Not just any brand, but Coffeemate.  He tried another brand and you would have thought it was poison! ;-) 
Obsessing - over grossing me out lately!  It started with that horrible college basketball injury.  Awful!  He just keeps bringing it up and thinks it's funny to see me squirm each time!  And then today, he jams his finger which ends up so swollen he can't take off his normally too loose wedding ring.  Gross!

I am... 
Drinking - coffee in the morning since Presley has decided to get me up earlier than normal.  And man, does coffee make me shakey!  I don't feel a stimulant when I drink pop, but I sure do feel every ounce of it when I drink fresh brewed coffee.  And I love our Keurig so. very. much.
Buying - the Hunger Games trilogy.  [See "obsessing" below.]  The paperback trilogy isn't out until October and I'm contemplating waiting until then.  We'll see.
Obsessing - over the Hunger Games series.  Entirely!  I just read all three books in record time... not even a week.  I flew through them faster than ever.  And they were so fabulous.  I wish Suzanne Collins would have drawn out the ending of "Mockingjay" - I felt that she is such an artist with her words and her storytelling that the QUICK summation of an ending did the series no justice and took away from it, even.  Anyways, I watched the first movie, too.  And guess what?  Tony is even reading the first book!  WOO!  I am thinking about re-reading them already ;-)
Missing - reading about Peeta and Prim and Gale and Katniss and Haymitch already.  Tony and I were talking about the guys from "Top Gear" (his favorite show, ever) and one of the guys names is Hammond and instead of that I said Haymitch!  I got SO depressed after that!  Going to have to re-read them immediately, for sure.
Driving - Presley crazy as well, I'm sure.  She just took her first little baby steps the other day with aid from a little walker toy.  But still.  I call them her baby steps to taking independent baby steps.  It's adorable.  So I keep making her recreate it over and over and over... {Though this isn't the best video of her little baby baby steps because she is so distracted by "Preschool Musical" on Sesame Street!}

Have any of you read the Hunger Games series?  I am COMPLETELY loving the conversations I'm having with friend about the books so if you have anything to add about what you think of the books, I'd love to hear! Seriously... talk about a nerd alert!


  1. I'm with you on the crazy baby nap schedule! coffee is my new bff

    new follower :)

    1. Yes!!! Coffee is absolutely my bestie right now, too! :) Glad I'm not alone there & will be checking your blog out ASAP!! Thanks Joanna :)

  2. I just read The Hunger Games a few weeks ago and I'm planning on finishing the series while I'm on my cruise in a few weeks. I just don't want the series to end so quickly so I'm trying to stretch it out! Ha. Katniss is the most awesome of all the awesome. :)

    1. Oh I am so envious! I wish I could read them for the first time all over again :) I'm a few chapters into the first book for the second time... so so good. Katniss really is such a beautiful character with so much depth!

  3. I AM TOTALLY OBSESSED with the Hunger Games Trilogy! I just re-read them all and finished the third one last weekend. LOVE IT!

    1. I'm re-reading them now!!!! YAY! So glad I've got someone to talk Hunger Games obsession with now :) :) I just never want the story to end - do you think Collins will write any more?


    Can you see this Scholastic book link? You said something about the paperback trilogy not coming out for a while, but I can order the box set from Scholastic anytime for you. I have some coupons we can use too. That's how I ordered my box set. Mine came with a mockingjay pin, but I don't think that's offered anymore.

    1. The link works, but it only takes me to the sign in page. How much is the set? So funny because I am just now seeing this comment and yesterday I left you a message about the book set! SO WEIRD! and yet so cool. #booknerdsforlife


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