Presley's FAVORITE things: The toddler edition!

*And for all you HIMYM fans, please imagine me saying "Presley's FAVORITE things" in my Barney Stinson voice while he impersonates Oprah!  Because that is most certainly how I say it.. okay, carry on!*  [clip here if you have no idea what I'm talking about]

I haven't talked about our favorite "stuff" for Presley lately and I think it is definitely due time!  I must say though, that at the stage she's at she is most happy with cardboard boxes and TV remote controllers - she loves taking off and then replacing the backing of the remotes!  Nevertheless, there are several things that have become favorites around here.

  • Piggy Paint:  Okay, maybe I am the one who likes this... but it is absolutely adorable on her little piggies!  And the fact that it is much safer for little ones makes me feel at ease!
  • Little Quack Loves Colors:  One of her favorite books to look at.  I'm not sure if it's the little characters, the colors, or the squishy feel of the book - but she really does like it.
  • Playskool Step Start Walk & Ride:  Our little peg-leg baby loves to walk with this toy.  She's still getting the mechanics of walking and looks like a zombie while pushing her walker around, but it's just precious.
  • Safety First Convertible Car Seat:  Okay, so maybe this isn't one of PRESLEY'S favorite things as of late, but my husband and I sure do love it.
  • Netflix Streaming:  Specifically, Sesame Street!  She just loves Abby's Flying Fairy School and Elmo's World!  Man oh man... when she hears those theme songs she is entranced!
  • Rice Chex Cereal:  Miss Presley is absolutely going through her "picky" stage and these are always a safe snack for her; she will eat them no matter her mood or the time of day.  (Though, they are usually part of her breakfast in the AM!) 
  • Avent Sippy Cups:  Absolutely still love love love these and highly recommend them!  We've tried other sippy cups and while she eventually gets the hang of them, she drinks a very small amount of water out of them throughout the day.  With her Avent cups she is guzzling water and I love it!  We will use these for as long as she likes.
  • Babies R Us Little Munchers:  These are normally $1.99, but we found a bunch priced at $.90 at our BRU, so I stocked us up.  They expire at the end of next month but I'm sure she will eat them all before then.  If not, I'm sure Tony and I will be able to help her out!  (They are seriously delicious.)
  • Fisher Price Activity Table:  She has been super obsessed with this ever since we brought it home after Christmas!  She's slowly playing with it less and less, but it is absolutely still one of her favorites.  She loves pressing the buttons and bobbing around to the music and sounds!
  • Fisher Price Apps:  AKA, her pacifier!  If Presley is upset in the car and we can't do much about it, we usually just ride it out.  In the event that things get worse or for some reason we need for her to be calm, we hand our phones over with these apps for her and she just LOVES them.  I think they will help her learn her colors and shapes as well as just being a source of entertainment for her!  
She's the cutest little thing ever... staring at the iPod so intently!  She loves those Fisher Price apps!
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Scout:  Our bedtime staple!  She loves her Scout and so do we!  I'm not sure if the batteries are fading or if one of the buttons is actually broken, but right now one of the buttons isn't working.  Seeing as I can't find this bedtime buddy anywhere, I am really hoping it is an easy fix!!!  To be completely honest, the thought of the staple of Presley's bedtime routine becoming ruined made me so paranoid that we would lose it and we don't have a backup.  I've scoured the internet time and time again but it has been discontinued.  Great.  Well, I got desperate and found Scout's female counterpart, Violet, on sale at the LeapFrog website... only that it is the Spanish version!  Hey, it's totally cool with me!  We will all learn to sing these bedtime songs in Spanish!!!!  Bought it and it will stay in the box until we need it.  Phew.

That's all I can think of off of the top of my head.  Anything your little ones specifically like or would like to recommend?  I love hearing what works for other moms and their kids so don't be shy to share!  And if you decide to try one of Presley's favorite things based on our recommendation, come back and let us know how your family likes them.


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