Molly turning two...

So, it's been a solid month over a month now and I've neglected the post where I talk about how old my youngest is now. It's just a whole lot easier not to document every little thing or really to even take notice of the subtleties between kiddos. Even still, each time I sit down and begin to think about one of my kids to write one of these blogs I enjoy them so much and it gets easier to write the farther I get into it.

When it comes to having two kids, it has really been more of a breeze than I ever thought possible - especially at this current stage. These girls keep each other busy and play so well together that it makes my job easy peasy! (Though I certainly don't know what it would be like at this point with just one.) The most difficult thing these days is running errands with two kids... the un/buckling over and over, the corralling kids throughout the store (I put them in carts as much as possible), and the keeping the whining to a minimum. Thankfully, they do really well with grocery shopping and staying in the cart... though Presley is just getting to be TOO big to do this anymore. (And while I think Presley would do well obeying outside the cart, it would still making shopping an even sloooower experience!) Otherwise, they eat the same things, they like the same things, they pretty much do everything together - so it hasn't made my job more difficult! Presley and Molly are each other's built-in best friend and I can only hope it'll be like this for the rest of their lives.

And now onto Molly as a two year old! Let's start with the practical things that are usually easy to run through. She's in 24 month/2T clothing, size 5 diapers, and I think somewhere between a size 5.5-6 in toddler shoes. She won't keep bows on her head. She's got tons of dark brown hair. I say "tons" but I just mostly mean tons when it comes to my baldy kids!

Here is a little comparison of what Presley looked like at age two!
Molly loves bath time and being independent. She says, "Go walk!" all the time meaning: set me down and let me walk by myself. She's really good about holding hands, though. Another popular phrase of hers is, "No, I do it!" or a real favorite of hers recently is, "Noooo! Mommy!" as in she wants Mommy to be the one to change her diaper, to help her brush her teeth, etc... usually instead of daddy or grandmommy. When she has something in mind to do HER way there is usually not much you can do to talk her out of it.

She sleeps 12-14 hours a night depending on what time we actually get her in bed at night and she also sleeps 2-3 hours at nap time each afternoon. This chickadee loves her sleep!

Some of her favorite foods at the moment are raspberries, green beans, cheese, noodles, and cookies. She isn't a super picky eater but recently she made it clear she didn't really like mango or marshmallows. She really likes spending time at the Children's Museum and having a place to go expend energy at indoors in the summertime is worth every penny. Molly loves to keep up with Presley and when they hold hands it's the sweetest thing ever. Presley is still crazy about her little sister and the feeling is so mutual.

Molly's 6 month, one year, and two year photos
Molly is a super sweet kid and loves to play with other kids. She is definitely in the stranger danger phase when it comes to adults she doesn't know and I can definitely appreciate that. One of her favorite non-family members is her daddy's coworker, Skyler. She just loves him and it's really sweet to watch. Molly also is in love with her Papa Mike (Tony's dad) and absolutely loves spending time with Grandmommy, too.

She loves My Little Pony's and enjoys pretty much anything Presley likes, too! Molly is also SUCH A CHARACTER. I can't even begin to explain this aspect of who she is... but she can be such a charmer and is naturally hilarious with her faces, words, and antics. Once you get to know her - and if she lets you in - she definitely has a larger-than-life personality.

She's freakishly good at kicking a soccer ball and can pretty much dribble it in succession which is crazy to watch. Mol loves to count and can count up until ten and nearly all the way to twenty but she gets confused around 15-16-17. Her favorite song to sing at bedtime is Twinkle Twinkle. She drinks her water pretty good throughout the day but nothing seems to be better than her chocolate milk in the morning (milk with a little bit of chocolate carnation instant breakfast). She still sucks her first finger during nap and bed time and some times when she gets sleepy throughout the day.

Molly gets in to EVERYTHING... much more relentless than Presley ever was when it comes to making messes. If you tell Presley "no" once then she would almost always listen and stop doing whatever it was. Molly, on the other hand, is a little different so we've got to be more vigilant about taking out temptations to make a mess for her.

I couldn't imagine our family without her - she has impacted each of our lives in an irreversible way. I can't wait to see Molly become a big sister... it's something you can absolutely tell she'll be wonderful at and something she is really excited for! The way that she treats my belly and speaks so reverently about Crosby, I can't help but think they are going to be best buddies. It's incredible that Molly is already two years old... the last two years have mercilessly flown by and I'm not entirely sad about that! Happy SUPER LATE birthday to my second baby and here's to many, many more happy years to come with you, baby girl.


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