Updates on the Princess...

Grumpy baby! :)
  • Lately Presley has been trying so hard to turn from her belly to her back but her arm seems to be in the way!  Still hasn't gone from belly to back or back to belly yet... probably because she just wants to be held all the time!
  • She's found out she can put things in her mouth and loves to put her blanket, clothes, and hands/fingers in her mouth!
Here is video of her sucking on her hand!  So precious.

  • We're still swaddling her at night.
  • As part of her bedtime routine we're reading her two bedtime books each night (Goodnight Moon & Night Night Little Pookie)
  • Has been a babbling machine ever since her baptism weekend ended.  It might have something to do with all the people talking to her that weekend... who knows!
Here is a video of her babbling!
  • Of course she loves being held and doesn't like getting laid down for a nap during the day-- likes to sleep on mom instead.  I just have to remind myself that she'll only be a baby once and she won't always like me to hold her... so I'm going to soak it in while I can.  (It sure is hard to keep that outlook, though.)
  • Still loving her changing table and is a happy baby on that thing.
  • Loves to look at lights & ceiling fans!!!
  • Recently started to dislike shower time whereas she used to love it.  Not sure if we'll give the bath tub another try or stick with showers.
  • Now in size 2 diapers (too many blowouts in size 1) and in 3-6 month clothes.  Pampers swaddlers & luvs remain our favorite.  We finally tried Target's diapers and they aren't too shabby either!
  • Plan to transition her to the crib after our Memorial Day weekend trip to St. Louis!  I'm excited and very nervous for that transition. I really love her being so close to us but will DEFINITELY enjoy the added personal space!
  • Breast feeding is still going very well!  Just started pumping once a night before bedtime to save up milk.  During the day lately Presley wants to eat every two hours; not sure if it's a growth spurt, if it's normal, or a bad thing?  Hoping it's just a phase.  We have yet to introduce a bottle to her and I'd like to do that sometime soon if it works out.  It'll be sweet to see daddy get a chance to feed her and bond with her on that level.
  • She's started sticking her bottom lip WAY out when she gets sad and it is the cutest and most heartbreaking thing ever!!!!  If I look directly at her doing it I can't help but tear up!
Fussy girl!
So that's what's new with Presley girl.  Last night she went to bed pretty early (7:45pm) as we are experimenting with her bedtime to see what works for her and she slept pretty soundly... until about 2:45am.  (Dumb mommy didn't go to bed until almost midnight.)  She usually will stir and go back to sleep for a while if she wakes up anytime from 3-5am but last night she was UP.  So I changed her and fed her and put her down thinking she'd sleep until around 9am... NOPE!  Up again right about 3 hours later.  Laid her back down and she was up 3 hours later again!  I am sure some of you parents are wondering what I'm complaining about but it's so hard for me to relax and go back to sleep each time so I feel like I got no sleep last night.  And no matter what amount of sleep I do or don't get the night before, I am almost ALWAYS up until midnight.  Being unproductive because I'm exhausted but my mind is still going.  Rrgh.... it's hard getting a sound 5-6 hours of sleep straight and then going to this!  Hope it doesn't last.

Great-Grampa Ron & Miss Presley!

So we got her down about 9pm tonight.  She was really upset and writhing around arching her back in her bassinet, which is not normal for her.  I don't know if she's uncomfortable in there or what but I hope once we get her to her crib she'll like it better.

My little sister Ashley, Me & Presley, & my pregnant sister, Amanda!
Alright, that's about all for tonight.  Time for me to hop in the shower!  Goodnight blogspot. :)


  1. When was that last picture taken?! Don't know if you know this but I live ten minutes outside of DC!

    Natalie is STILL in her bassinet. She's almost six months but I cannot deal with having her in another room. I'm too attached and she wakes up way too freakin' much for me to wake up and walk my lazy ass to another room four times a night.

    Anyway, I really do think that's very, very strange you guys were on Natural Bridge Rd. I dunno. Maybe we're twin souls or something. ;)


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