Mama's Day!

Happy mothers day, all! This is the first time for me blogging via text message so we'll just have to see how this goes. I wish it were still just as easy as before to find time to write, but time slips away from me everyday. I suppose that's a good thing and that it potentially means I'm living in the moment but that might be giving me too much credit. Things sure are easier now (12 weeks postpartum) than they were when we first brought baby Presley home but I continue to find myself just getting through each day. Between sleepiness (because I'm still a night owl) and feeling confined to the house all day (let's face it, it's easier than lugging her heavy carrier around and dealing with diaper blow outs in public), I'm always killing time before Tony gets home and praying for the weekends when we can spend time as a family. He's still working a hefty amount of overtime - which I'm
thankful for - but as usual, I just wish we lived in a society that valued our work and families more and paid a fair wage for a decent amount of hours per week so people weren't having to work 50-60+ hours and missing out on what's really important and valuable. But anyways... Back to mothers day....

It was a great day for me as Tony really pampered me :) He made me breakfast which is ultra sweet because we aren't chefs by any means, so it meant a LOT to me! He's also planning to cook steaks tomorrow night since we went out to dinner with my family tonight for mothers day. He's such a sweet man; took over caring for Presley all day (minus her feedings) and I really appreciated that so I could organize Presley's room now that she's officially in her 3-6 month clothes! It's wonderful that she's getting bigger - this is what I couldn't wait for, for her to get out of the baby stage - but now that it's happening it's really freaking me out how fast things are changing! She was just baptized a week ago and we aren't talking a little water on the forehead... She was fully dunked in the water!!! It was so awesome and she did so wonderfully and barely let out a peep! And in the last week
she's really started to babble... Tony and I just adore and marvel at her little baby voice. She is definitely spoiled and we are okay with that! 

I just love her sweet little face!

We had my sisters and brother-in-law in town for the baptism and it was so great to have them here. It really was so awesome for each of them to get to finally meet Presley. And two weeks from today Presley will get to meet her Great Papaw Gordon, her Great Granny, possibly some friends from Memphis, and she will get to see her Grandmommy Selena again :) We are all so excited and ready for a little getaway, I just hope it goes well taking Presley out of her normal atmosphere! May is definitely a month of creating new memories. And a week from today Tony and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary already! Seems like just yesterday we were saying "I do!"

I should get going so I can go to sleep, but not before letting all you mothers know how much I love you all! Especially my own mom for bringing me and my best friends (my two sisters) into this world, Selena for raising my husband to be the loving man he is, our grandmothers for being such amazing women in our lives and for always giving us the special kinda love only gramma's can give, my blog mommy friends who I am ultra thankful for as they provide me sanity and lots of support, to my sister and cousin who are both carrying sweet babes of their own, and to my baby girl for making me a mama! :) Hope you all had a special day because we deserve it!!! xxoo


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