Tomorrow is the day! My sisters, who both live in Tennessee, fly in tomorrow for several days for my sweet baby's baptism and for my big sister's baby shower!! It's like two worlds are getting ready to collide; a world that has always revolved around my sisters and a world run by this little princess. :) It's so strange/surreal/outrageous to me that Presley has existed for two and a half months without getting to see her aunts or for them to be able to hold her. It breaks my heart on all the little things they've missed out on. But I am so excited for them to get acquainted this weekend :) I look forward to seeing Presley's reaction to them and to see how she interacts with them! It'll also be so awesome to have some extra hands around here and more entertainment and interaction. It's gonna be awesome and that much more painful when they ultimately leave!

Anyways, my sister Amanda is 27/28 weeks pregnant and I haven't seen her since Christmastime when she was only a few weeks along so I'm sure this is going to be a huge difference! It's funny because the last time Amanda saw me was when I was about 30 weeks pregnant (I think?) so it'll be different being on the other side of that experience! Her shower is this weekend and I'm super excited to throw it; it'll be the first shower I've given to anyone. And my younger sister Ashley will be here too and she's staying with us! She's the first houseguest since Presley's debut so I hope she behaves for Ash. ;) Ashley is such a natural with kiddos (she's so sweet with her fiancé's niece and nephew!) and like I said before I can't wait to see her with Presley! It'll be so different to have visitors all the time with our daily schedule! I hope Presley sticks to her schedule despite all the wrenches that I'll be throwing into it this next week. And wouldn't you know, just before all the excitement she gets her first diaper rash! :( I feel so bad for her!! Hopefully I can figure out something to help it because I've tried so many things!

Alright, well I suppose I'm just rambling now! I hope I'll be too busy making memories to write in here but in the meantime just know I'm enjoying some good times with special people; hope you can do the same!


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