WDW Day Three: Animal Kingdom

We spent our third day at Disney at Animal Kingdom and it was one of the hottest days of our trip. I packed the kids for what I thought December would feel like in Florida - cool, but not warm or cold. Which was wrong for the first half of our trip! They should've been wearing shorts and t-shirts and I had them in pants and long sleeves!

Partway through the day Molly was so incredibly miserable that Selena and I went searching for baby clothes in the shops there in the park and finally found something for her that was light and breathable. From then on you could visibly see her feeling better.

Anyways, we started the day just the four of us and going to meet Mickey and Minnie! When I originally chose our fast passes for the day, I thought I set it up for us to meet Winnie the Pooh & friends - whoops! It was a pleasant surprise though and so nice to see them in holiday clothes. What a cool opportunity!! (Which definitely makes me want to visit at different special times of the year from now on.) 

From there we went on to meet Rafiki and we even ran into Chip & Dale with a very short line! After that we met up with Papa & Grandmommy and we all rode the Kilimanjaro Safari which is something you CAN.NOT.MISS. while visiting this park!!! It is one of our absolute favorite experiences at any of the parks. I love that no matter how many times you ride it, your experience will be so vastly different each time. The animals are so gorgeous and their surroundings are so beautiful.

We had lunch at Flame Tree Barbecue after reading some great reviews which included "the best ribs and barbecue in all of Disney World" so we absolutely had to check this out. Tony and I both got the ribs and holy smokes! Best ribs I've had in a very long time. Just the right amount of tenderness without being too tender. The sauce was just right. It'll be another place we repeat on our next trip! And we had beautiful seats right near a water fountain with all kinds of trees and birds. It really was the perfect spot for a serene, delicious lunch.

This was around the time in the day when Selena and I went in search of new clothes for Molly (hottest part of the day!) while Mike & Tony took the girls into a playground in Dinoland. I'm so glad the girls got to play here - it was exactly what they needed in the middle of a structured Disney trip... some good ole unstructured fun! Another huge bonus was some water in there for them to play in to keep them cool!

SO much happier in her cooler clothes
Some other rides we went on were Expedition Everest (which is an absolute MUST), Kali River Rapids, and we went to see the "It's Tough to be a Bug!" show. The show was so fantastic. Tony and I had seen it on our honeymoon but I forgot how awesome it was. You watch in 3D what it's like to be a bug but it's more than a movie - it's a 4D experience! You smell a stinkbug, you get sprayed by bug spray, you feel the wind from a fly swatter, and you feel bugs crawling around!!! It's hilarious and scary and just perfect.

Animal Kingdom closes early in comparison with the other parks so we headed to EPCOT. We rode Spaceship Earth right as we entered the park. I say this about everything at Disney... "it's one of my favorites!" because honestly, it's all great and fantastic at Walt Disney World!!! BUT, Spaceship Earth is one of my absolute favorite rides if not my number one favorite. So if you're in EPCOT, don't miss out on it! The wait time is usually pretty low so you won't need a fastpass, either. The ride focuses on where we started in the Stone Age and how far we've come since then in all different aspects of life.

After that we were ready to eat and we walked all the way to the American pavilion for dinner at Liberty Inn. I heard some great things about the menu there but I had no idea they'd just recently had a menu change and several of the items I expected to be on there were gone. I ended up getting a delicious bacon cheeseburger! The girls got mac and cheese, of course, and Tony got a grilled chicken salad that ended up being pretty spicy. All in all, pretty tasty!

After dinner Selena and I went to get some drinks at Starbucks. (Starbucks and Disney?! So. Perfect.) We rode a couple rides while at EPCOT that night - including the Nemo ride that the girls LOVED. Especially Molly! She would shout out, "NEMO!" every time he popped up. After the Nemo ride we got to talking to an older couple and found out they were staying in the room next door to Selena & Mike at Caribbean Beach Resort!!! Considering there are a total of 2,112 rooms in the resort - literally what are the odds of finding your neighbor out in the parks? Wow. And to make it even more crazy, a couple days later we got to talking to some people coming from our resort on the way into the parks. We ran into them on the way back to our resort and found out they were OUR next door neighbors on the other side!!! How. Hilarious! Everyone is just so friendly at Disney. It's so easy to strike up conversations or jump into conversations you overhear when you're all smashed together on the same bus or waiting in lines for rides or food. I love love love that about Disney!

So that's it for day three! It was a fun day full of warmth, amazing food, friendly folks, and lots of fun.

To recap, here are the posts on our first and second days at Disney! Lots of excitement coming up in day four, including my new favorite table service meal and character interaction!!


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