Happies, Crappies, & Thanksgivingsies.

  • Adele's "25" - holy moly. So great. I feel like her music is almost on the level that Dave Matthews Band is for me. I can listen to Dave any time in any setting and get something different from the same album each time I hear it. She is incredible and her voice... wow. Just wow. Moving. Lovely. Beautiful.
  • I can't wait to go to Disney with the kids. I just can't wait to see their reactions and have so much fun all together! My Disney Addict level is at an all time high lately... I've been reading all I can stand about the parks and movies and just everything in the fandom. Not to mention, all the amazing Star Wars stuff happening recently. Such an exciting time to be a Disney fan!
  • Molly is really communicating with us lately. While Molly still really doesn't have words yet - she has been surprising me lately. Just tonight she was fussing SO MUCH when I took her over to change her diaper. She kept trying to reach for something but everything I gave her was wrong... finally out of desperation I just said, "Molly what do you want?" and she stops crying and says, "Dow." So I said, "Down?!" and she said "Jes!" Which I can only take to mean "yes" and I was FLOORED and just plain shocked. Not to mention so happy!!! She can understand me AND formulate her answer! Big deal over here!!! She's also saying versions of thank you ("kank oo") and of course da-da. She can sign for food, more, and all done. She has also started saying "ew" which is HILARIOUS.
  • I saw the last Hunger Games movie while in Nashville for Thanksgiving and WOW... it definitely does not disappoint. So now I'm rereading the books, again. I've lost count how many times. I hope Suzanne Collins is proud of herself - she sure ought to be. And I hope she decides to write more about Panem. I would read it in a heartbeat.
  • Thanksgiving was great! And hilarious. The first night our air mattress wasn't sealed correctly and it was probably the worst night of "sleep" I have had in a long while. But it ended up leading to one of those delirious laughing episodes that hit me on and off the entire next day for no reason at all. Tony figured out what was wrong with it and fixed it the next day. So that first horrible night of sleep made sleeping on a regular air mattress the next night seem like a luxury!
Halfway through the night I switched to a blanket on the floor. Somehow that was better than a deflated air mattress. Both were awful, though!

This is Tony sandwiched in the middle of the air mattress. Each time I see this picture I laugh uncontrollably!
  • Being around my sisters was just what I needed. It was so great. And it was awesome to spend time with my niece, nephew, and brother-in-law. The food was excellent - as always. John is such an awesome cook and thank goodness for that because the rest of us are kinda somewhere around mediocre at best! 

Molly, Matthew, Presley & Anne Marie
  • We also got together with Tony's parents and Granny for Thanksgiving and that was great. When you're with people you love fun just comes effortlessly. I'm so incredibly grateful to be part of their family.
Mike, Selena, Presley, Granny, Tony, Me & Molly
  • I got Tony and I some new throw blankets from Kohl's for "Christmas" while they were on super sale... and I can't ever keep secrets or surprises from him so we already have them on the bed. And they're so soft and awesome and I love them.
  • I'm so happy to see my husband when he walks in the door at night. And so are my kids. I'm glad I get to see how happy they are to see each other at the end of the day!

  • Money still does not grow on trees. Darn.
  • Furthermore, time machines don't exist. Still.
  • Also, how are showers not made easier at this point? Anyone remember the Jetsons? Where are we at with that technology?
  • I live much too far from the people who get me the most. Why is it that is usually the case?
  • The bad thing about blogging is most of the time you can't share the really bad stuff going on with you. And in most cases that's what you most want to share. That's something that really gets to me lately.
  • Teething. Ohhhh, curse you teething. (Though we need and love and appreciate our teeth... we really do! But teething is not a fun process.)
  • My husband still works too much. That's not going to change anytime soon but this is one spot I feel like I can vent about it. I hate that he's gone so much of the day. Eleven hours of work is so much in a day! If we didn't live so close to his place of work then we would have to contend with a commute as well. I can't help but think how short life can be and if we're working so much of our life - what quality of life are we living? It makes me feel sad.
  • It gets much too dark much too early.
  • Our favorite neighbors are moving. Not that we ever do neighborly things with them, but they are always nice and have been welcoming and have a kiddo around the same age as ours. Just nice people. Hate to see them go!
  • Found out my insulin level is pretty darn high. Not great. Going back to the doctor on Monday to talk about what that'll mean from here on out. I had gestational diabetes with Molly so this isn't uncharted territory. I had a feeling I needed to get to the doctor and I'm glad I did. I'm sure I'll have more to share Monday.
  • Another awful, awful shooting this week. So many beautiful lives lost. I wish obtaining a gun was checked and balanced as much as owning a vehicle or a drivers license... except even more rigorous. And why does anyone need such huge guns to begin with? If the issue is having the right to defend ourselves with firearms, won't a pistol be enough? It just makes me feel so incredibly dejected.

I changed up the layout for the blog... let me know if anyone has trouble reading it. Hope everyone had more happies than crappies this week! 


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