End of the Week: Happies & Crappies

  •  My sweet little crazy angel baby, Molly, broke the screen on my iPhone this week which resulted in an emergency visit to the Apple store for a new screen. (And a momentary, pathetic mini-Mommy-meltdown... thank goodness for my thoughtful husband who is the best daddy out there.) The Apple folks explained that my phone could fail some tests if the damage extended to the inside of the phone but that it rarely happened. In that case they would replace the phone with a new one for the same price as the repair ($129). Well, it failed. And I got a new phone.
  • When I backed up my phone I synced it with my iTunes account on my computer. Our computer is really old. When I brought the new phone home it was updated beyond the capabilities of our computer. So we got a new computer. Thank goodness for 18 month financing with zero interest at Best Buy! 
  • Now I have to learn to use an Apple computer. Which is much, much different.
  • You think I'd be psyched about all these new purchases, but we literally just put in our big, final payment for our Disney vacation. So now is not a comfortable time for additional spending. Especially with the holidays upon us. Again, what was I thinking?
  • I'm pretty sure my "new" phone is just "new to me" and might be refurbished as I'm already having really stupid issues with it. Still, it's much better than glass falling out at me every time I try to use my phone.
  • Also, my baby is a beauty. We are going to have to beat away the potential dates away when the day comes. And that probably won't be very fun. ;)

  • It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. And holidays make you miss the people who are no longer here to celebrate with you. Missing you, Dad. Always. But especially during the Christmas season. My dad was such a good person to spend the holidays with. He also would've made such a wonderful Grandpa who would be so loved by my little girls. And really wishing Papaw Gordon (my husband's grandfather) was still here with us. Last week it had been a year since his passing. No matter what, I swear, it's never easy to say goodbye to the people you love. And while I loved Gordon, I didn't get to spend much time with him. But I do spend a lot of time with his daughter. And Selena means a whole lot to me. And knowing how much she and the rest of her siblings miss their dad is sucky... I hate it for them. 
Not sure what year this was... one of the 90s
One year ago Gordon Naylor took his last breath here on Earth. He left behind his family, friends, and his pain. This man continues to live on in the love he spread to his children, grandchildren, and his great-grandchildren and his legacy will never cease. I'm very grateful to this man for giving me some of my most cherished blessings - without him I wouldn't have the family I do now. I'm so glad to have known him and only wish to have spent more time with him. Thinking of all the Naylors who are continuing to miss him and who remember him today.

  • My husband is awesome and did I mention he's one of those "let's not decorate the house for Christmas until after Thanksgiving" kind of people? Well. For my birthday earlier this month and since his brother was in town, he decided to go ahead and help decorate EARLY! Yay! So it's beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas!!!! 
  • The sky was gorgeous tonight! Presley called us over to the window tonight to tell us the clouds were turning red.

  • Our Disney vacation is paid in full! Woot. Just feels good. Less than a month to go.
  • The girls and I FaceTimed Breanne, Emory, & Emalynn (my cousin and her kiddos) earlier in the week. No idea why this isn't a weekly thing but I loved seeing them!!! Made all the distance melt away.
  • While I was reading this heartwarming/heartbreakingly beautiful post on the many first and lasts while parenting, Presley was eating lunch and I was sitting on the couch. She looked up over her food and out of nowhere asked if she could sit on my lap and eat her lunch. The timing couldn't have been better. (She is not big on cuddling and never has been.) And just perfect. It might've only lasted a few short minutes but it was just right.
  • The girls continue to be so great to each other. Molly has been so great at being gentler lately. She woke up from her nap yesterday and got into her swing and just cradled her baby. Sweetest thing!

  • Lists! I love lists. I've started tons of lists for our upcoming vacation and it's helping me get so pumped. I'd like to slowly start packing soon. By the way, GOD BLESS SOUTHWEST AIRLINES! They allow you to check two bags/items per ticketed person and one of those items can be a pack & play. I have zero packing anxiety thanks to Southwest! 
  • First snow of the year for all our QC peeps. And none here! Praaaaaise Jesus.
  • We've been doing Elf on the Shelf for Presley (and kinda Molly) every day and she has been loving it. And of course so have we!
  • On Sean's (Tony's little brother who lives out West) last night in town we all went to see all the Christmas lights at Starry Nights inside Shelby Farms. It was so much fun just being all together. Presley was sooo pumped about all the Christmas lights! We drove around sitting in the back of her Papa's truck and that made it all so much more fun, too.
Both girls playing in the fake snow. I love fake snow!

So that's a little about our week. It was kind-of a more boring week. We stayed home a lot for no reason other than it's just easier to stay home. I'm hoping to get out more with the kids next week and spend more time outdoors and maybe at the zoo & Children's Museum, too. Now, I have a question for my married or formerly married people out there. Do you wear a wedding band and an engagement ring? I'm asking because I find it interesting that some people who wear both wear the band on the inside and some on the outside.

Which way do you wear it, and why? I wear mine on the inside - like the picture here on the right. I'm not quite sure why but I've heard it's because you wear that one closest to your heart. No idea what made me wear it that way, honestly, though. Anyways, that's it for this week! Looking forward to more days and more blessings. Have a happy one!


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