Happies & Crappies

It's been a long time since I've done happies and crappies for the week... so here we go. Here are some of the good and bad things that have been happening recently.

  • My husband usually gets two days off a week - Sunday and one other day (either Monday or Saturday) - and for whatever reason that I don't understand, they stopped getting that second day off. So... he has been gone even more than usual. Which was already TOO MUCH. It's just been a big bummer lately but I feel like I've been doing pretty well at not letting it get me too down. I feel like it's really bad business to not take care of your employees and to not give them the time off every week that they deserve. Too many bosses and not enough leaders...

  • I ran over a nail or something like that here recently. Thankfully I have a fantastic husband who has access to a lift at work and patched (plugged?) it all by himself. Always impressed and awed by his car savvy and selfless nature.
  • Our house is a constant mess/disaster zone.
  • Daylights savings. WHAT. WHY. It seems so unnecessary. Can someone please explain to me why in the world we still do time change?
  • Our computer sucks. It really is on it's last leg of life. We've had it for a while and have loved our desktop very much but I think we might make a big switch over to an Apple laptop and an external hard drive when this one kicks the bucket.
  • Jonathan, my future brother-in-law, will not be at our family Thanksgiving. Bums me out! I love spending time all together and it only happens maybe once a year if we're lucky so I'm not happy about that. We'll miss him! So we will just have to get together for the New Year or sometime after Claire (my niece who is due at the end of this year) makes her appearance.
  • Mockingjay Part Two isn't out in theaters yet. I am so ready to see it! But... that means that The Hunger Games series will be COMPLETELY OVER once we see it...... I don't know how to deal with that. So sad.

  • My grandma had a pretty major surgery last week and it went well. I'm so, so glad she is okay and on the mend. We are planning to see her next month and I cannot wait to hug her and for Presley to get to talk to her and Molly to meet her and to just be with her. It'll be a short visit and I'm already regretting that we won't be there longer! But like I said - I am so looking forward to seeing her. 
    very special woman
    It's been over two years since our last visit and while I honestly cannot believe that so much time has passed so quickly, it definitely feels like it's been a long time since seeing her.
  • Sean, my brother-in-law, is visiting from California! It's been a year (I think?) since I saw him last and I can't wait to spend some time with him.
  • I don't think I ever blogged about the SUPER AWESOME date night Tony and I had the other night. We went to the Cannon Center for the Memphis Music Hall of Fame induction and then out to dinner at our favorite place in Memphis to get burgers - Dyers! 
    eating at dyers in our usual spot
    It was one perfect evening. We got to see Justin Timberlake be inducted and he was introduced by Jimmy Fallon (of the Tonight Show).

    Super special night! Watching the CMAs the other night and seeing Justin Timberlake with Chris Stapleton perform just made me feel so lucky all over again that we got to see him!!!
  • My birthday is next week and I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY! I mean, who doesn't enjoy their own birthday? I'm excited to turn 28 and looking forward to another beautiful year with my family here in Memphis. Tony already told me I am making my own birthday cake because it's been a while since I've made my signature funfetti cake + buttercream frosting and he said he can't top that!
  • Halloween was excellent! We had fun this year with two little trick-or-treaters! Well, kinda. Molly can dress up and walk around but hasn't quite started holding her bag by herself yet... :) We went as Andy's toys (Presley: Buzz Lightyear, Molly: alien, Me: Mrs. Potato Head, Tony: Mr. Potato Head) and the ninja turtles. 

    thanks to my mother-in-law for this photo
    my big sister made our potato shirts

    I'm already looking forward to what we could dress up as next year!!! Oh, and of course I bought the girls a bunch of Disney princess costumes after the holiday was over and the markdowns started.
  • Looking sooo forward to Thanksgiving with my sisters! Can. Not. Wait. 
  • My husband is awesome. I just cannot seem to get enough of him and I don't want that to every change! 
    So grateful for this man I married.

That's it for tonight. I'm sure I could keep going but I'm not sure anyone would want to read it! :)  Happy Friday, guys. Happy weekend!


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