WDW Day Four: Ohana, EPCOT, & Magic Kingdom

Sorry for the unexpected lapse of time since my last Disney post... I totally lost steam when it came to chronicling the trip. It's WAY less fun writing about the trip as it was experiencing it all!

So, onto our beautiful fourth day at Walt Disney World! We woke up at the Caribbean Beach Resort, got ready, and headed to the Polynesian Village Resort for a 10:30am breakfast reservation at 'Ohana! None of us had been to 'Ohana and it was on my Disney Bucket List of places to eat so I was REALLY looking forward to this meal. I had heard such great thing about the restaurant in general, about the amazing breakfast spread, and also about the fun character interaction and let me happily tell you that none of it disappointed!!! It's also so fun visiting the monorail resorts - both for their beauty and for the fun monorail rides.

The character interaction at 'Ohana is with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo, and Stitch and they're decked out in Hawaiian wear. Knowing this ahead of time, I brought leis and a grass skirt for Presley (all bought from the Dollar Tree in the summertime) and I'm so glad we did. Disney is the best place to go all-out in celebration for every.single.exciting.thing!

But first, we got seated at our table. They brought out some truly delicious breads - a pineapple bread and a raisin bread. I couldn't pick a favorite between the two if I tried! Both were SO delicious. Oh and the POG/Stitch Juice... YUUUUM! POG is passionfruit/orange/guava juice and I am usually NOT a juice person at all and it was sincerely one of my favorite things about the entire meal. They also brought out a nice assortment of fruits that all of us loved. After that it was a gigantic platter of scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, sausage, bacon and most importantly Stitch and Mickey waffles! Presley wasn't a fan of the Mickey waffles but she LOVED the Stitch waffles! (Yep... same thing, different shape! Of course they taste totally different...)

During  your meal the characters will come around and visit with you. It wasn't just the kids getting so excited before each character that would come to visit - all of us were excited! Stitch was just about the best character interaction we had our entire Disney vacation. He came up behind Presley and gave her a huge bear hug and usually something like that would completely freak Presley out but she rolled with it and handled it SO GREAT! She was just tickled to meet Stitch and he even licked her face! So so so much fun. After the meal all the kids got in a line to dance around the restaurant while shaking maracas. I jumped in line with Presley and that was something we both really enjoyed! We also visited the gift shop at the Polynesian Village Resort and got some postcards and stamps (and goofed off a bit) before hopping on the monorail and heading to EPCOT!

One of the first things we did at EPCOT was split up. I stayed behind to wait in line to meet Baymax while everybody else headed to the Seas pavilion to ride the Nemo ride again (the girls LOVED it). They headed back over in perfect time to meet Baymax! It was awesome to meet him but he was a less memorable experience only because there wasn't much interaction there. I bet that's a hard job for the cast member there!!! I'm so so glad we met him as we really love Big Hero 6!

We hung out at the Land and Seas pavilions for a good chunk of the day (Living with the Land was one of the favorites for us) and decided to have a late lunch at Sunshine Seasons - which is a big food court inside the Land Pavilion. Molly fell asleep on Tony during the Living with the Land ride and he accidentally left his phone on the boat ride so we ran back over real quick once we realized he forgot it! Thankfully one of the cast members grabbed it! Molly continued her nap on the comfy booth seat while we rested and ate some really good Salmon. Presley had mac & cheese... big surprise... and Selena and Mike got some kind of tuna dish! The food at Sunshine Seasons is fantastic and you have so much to choose from! Tony and I stumbled upon it on our honeymoon and had no idea it was such a delicious place to eat, especially for a quick service restaurant!

After that Tony, Selena, and Mike went to ride the Test Track ride and I took the girls to walk around since they were too little for the ride. We wanted the girls to pick out some kind-of souvenir while we were at WDW so this was the perfect time. Molly got a little Elsa doll and Presley got the matching Anna doll. We didn't have much else to do at EPCOT and Selena and Mike were heading to Animal Kingdom Resort for a date night dinner at Sanaa - so we all headed out of the park. Tony, the girls, and I decided to hop on the monorail and head to Magic Kingdom.

We rode the railroad all around the park - which was really beautiful and fun - and the girls got stickers from the conductor (who was right behind us) after they made it around the whole park. He told us it was for them being so well behaved! It's always such a great feeling to hear that!

The park was closing early that evening at 7pm for a special event (Mickey's Very Merry Christmas) so we didn't spend an awful long time at the park. We did have a late dinner at Pinocchio Village Haus since it was one of the only Quick Service restaurants that was still open. I hadn't heard many good food reviews from Pinocchio Haus but one redeeming quality is that if you get a window seat in the restaurant you have a view of the It's a Small World boat ride entrance! Which thankfully my amazing husband scored us a window seat! So that was REALLY neat. Tony and the girls hung out at the table while I went to get us some food. While I was gone, Tony was teaching the girls to wave to the people riding the boats and it was adorable!!

I got three meals and we all shared - two flatbreads (one pepperoni and one caprese), two side salads, tomato basil soup, and chicken parmesan. If we ever came back here it'd be for the nice view and pretty restaurant, definitely not for the food. It wasn't terrible but it really wasn't great. The best thing here was the chocolate cake that we had for dessert. SOOO yummy! Then we headed back to the Caribbean Beach Resort to call it an early night.

Selena and Mike were down at the food court so once we got to our room we grabbed our refillable mugs and hiked over there to hang out with them. We were surprised to peek in on our room and see that Mousekeeping decorated the room with the girls stuffed animals and blanket! It's the little things like this that make a Disney vacation full of so much magic!

We played around at the arcade for a bit, hung out at the food court, and then headed back to our rooms and ended the evening pretty late, again! Presley ended up falling asleep before we even did their bedtime routine and when I started nursing Molly before her bedtime she fell asleep on me!! Which never happens. So they were both SUPER tuckered out!

And that's it for day four! It was pretty broad strokes for this post because I'm having a hard time remembering what we rode or experienced in specifics since it's been a while now since our vacation! But overall, that's the gist of what we did. It was another fantastic day that I'm so glad to have experienced with my family. Coming up for day five is another day at Magic Kingdom and some really wonderful foodie experiences! So hang in there ;)

To recap, here are the posts on our first and second and third days at Disney!


  1. So happy to see that you guys had fun! We are going to Disney next month and we can't wait!


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