BIG changes!

Well!  If I had waited just another few days to write Presley's 6 month update, it would have been a LOT different.  There have been several changes for Miss P in just the last 48 hours!

We gave Presley her first bit of baby cereal - oatmeal to be exact - on Saturday.  That was more exciting for Tony and I than it was for her.  She tolerates it, but she's not enthusiastic about eating cereal.  Her faces while eating were so animated and I couldn't stop laughing when watching the video Tony took of her eating.

It's insane how much older she looks in a highchair!
We tried to give Presley a bit of a nap Sunday, but she was only asleep for a short while.  When we found out she was awake, Tony and I went into her room to get her and we were completely surprised to find her laying in her crib on her BELLY!

She's rolled over several times since then and Tony caught one of her rolls on film....

Presley is loving the fact that she can roll over and does it each time I put her on a flat surface.  She doesn't realize she can roll from her belly to her back (she's done it before - several months ago!) so we will see how long that takes!

She had a couple very rough nights last week and it intensified over the weekend.  Yesterday was by far the worst of it and it was hard to watch Presley while she was so upset.  She refused to sleep - both in the afternoon at nap time and at night for bedtime.  It was rough on me and Tony, too.  I have been checking her gums religiously each day in hopes that this was brought on by teething and hadn't seen anything new.  However, yesterday, Tony discovered two openings on her bottom gum!  I was absolutely shocked and a little relieved to know what the fuss was all about.

We had another late, difficult, and very draining bedtime last night.  (Baby tylenol and baby Orajel don't seem to be helping!)  This morning Presley woke me up bright and early and when I checked her gums with my finger I was stunned to feel two sharp points!!!!!  No wonder she has been in so much agony - her first teeth are trying to bust out of there!  TALK ABOUT RELIEF!  I am really hoping that since they've broken the surface that her pain will ease.  (Mom friends, has this been true for you?  Please share your teething experiences!)

Even though she seems nearly back to her old self today, she was still having trouble calming down for her afternoon nap.  We took a trip to Target where I bought some of the Hyland's Teething Tablets because I've heard such great things about them.  I had attempted (and failed) at giving her a nap and when she continued to fuss and seemed tired I gave the tablets a try, fed her, and she was out within minutes.  It really seemed to take the edge off for her and I just pray it continues to work!

So over the weekend Presley had her first taste of cereal, rolled from her back to her belly, and the tips of her bottom two teeth cut through her gums!  Seems like she belongs to the right family - Tony and I seem to have many milestones in a short amount of time as well (welcoming baby Presley 9 months from our wedding day)!

Let's hope these teeth stay above the surface and pop all the way through very quickly -- we want our happy baby back for our upcoming trip!


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    1. I know... man... it's all happening so fast! Hopefully the teething comes and goes just as fast as all these sudden changes ;)

  2. Doesn't it seem like these milestones happen overnight? I guess for her teeth it pretty much did. Wait til she really starts rolling and gets pissed off when you try changing her diaper. Natalie will not lay on her back for it! Things get pretty messy.

    1. Man... Presley is the same way with diaper changes now. She'll still stay on her back (for the most part) if she has a toy to play with. And all this stuff definitely seemed to happen overnight... sheeeeesh!


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