My Big Ole Blogger Crush.

So much for blogging every day in May, huh?!  Well, to be honest, I never expected (or wanted to) blog EVERY day but rather participate as much as I could and get to know other people in the blog world!  So far that's worked out pretty well.  I participated in one of the challenges and stumbled across a blogger that shares a lot of the same views that I do but she is 10x's the writer!  I can't wait to see what the rest of the months brings with this fun blogging challenge.  :)

Today's focus is about professing your love to one of my blogger friends.  I have gotten SO extremely lucky and have really gotten to know a small handful of women through blogging that I feel extremely fortunate to have been introduced to them via the internet, for there is no way I would have met any of them otherwise.  One in particular - for whatever reason - I have just come to absolutely adore and always find myself saying, "Dammit! Why can't we live in the same city?!"  because I know she would be THAT friend... the one for play dates with the kids, date nights with the husbands, or just girls night and a bottle of wine.  It helps that we have a lot in common - both got married to such hunky men in May 2011, pregnant newlyweds, both have the cutest girls imaginable who are just a few months apart in age, we both love wine (okay, well, I only like cheap, sweet wine...) and who knows what else but that is a pretty substantial start!  I've been following her blog back before we were parents, when we were both pregnant and I really wanted to hate her because she was such a gorgeous pregnant woman with the absolute cutest nursery for her soon-to-be baby Natalie!

Somewhere along the way, Sean stopped being just another blog I follow and really got to know her as a friend.  And I'm lucky because she is freaking awesome.  This really does sound like a true profession of love, and maybe it somewhat is, but I just hope she knows how much I love her friendship and can't wait to keep up with her and her preshy-presh family throughout the years!

Sean & her daughter, Nat.  They dress this cute everyday.  Just kidding.

If you'd like to follow her and her family - I've linked her blog several times above but she writes over at "A Mad Girl's Lovesong" about her family and their happenings.  I bet you won't be able to help but love her as well, make sure to tell her who sent you! ;)


  1. Aww, your baby is beautiful!! Stopping by from the blog challenge!


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