Baby Number Two.

Now don't get too excited, there is no baby on the way!  But it seems like this is a popular topic of discussion lately.  It's really no wonder I've had baby fever!

Why Tony and I are talking about it:

We are at a pretty great stage right now.  Presley is becoming more self sufficient.  We are well enough out of the newborn phase where all of the "there is no way in HELL I am ever doing this again!" has worn off.  And not only that, but Presley is such a jewel in our life that it is a motivator for wanting another!  Who would have thought!?  I just find myself thinking all the time how blessed we would be to have another beautiful child when I look at Presley.

Why others are talking about it:

No more exciting pregnancy stuff and no more exciting newborn stuff... people are ready for some excitement from us, it seems, because as I said before - expanding our family is a subject that's come up with friends & family lately.  And really, it isn't something that bothers me like I thought it would.  I like talking about the possibilities of expanding our family and I enjoy hearing experiences and opinions from other people.  Maybe this is because I am very comfortable with my life right now...  I don't feel the need to people-please anymore like I have for so much of my life... I feel like I can stand on my own feet and state my opinion without apologizing for it.

But also, I think it's just a comfortable topic for people to talk about.  Which is funny, if you think about it, considering what an intimate decision it is.

Of course, there are reasons why we would want to postpone at this point in our life.

We aren't at a place of permanent residence.  We'd like to own a home and ideally, move out of the Midwest within the year.  And if we move, that means new job(s) and all sorts of uncertainties that come along with that.

Time with Presley.  Of course, Presley wouldn't be going anywhere if another child were brought into the scene, but some days we really relish the moments we have with her and think - it might be nice being just the three of us for some time (or always).  And then there are the days where I am feeling frazzled (why is she not eating ANYTHING I give her?  Really... throwing another fit?  Waking up an hour earlier than usual all week!?) for different reasons and think... okay, maybe one is ENOUGH for now.

I used to think that the main motivator for expanding our family would be based on the proximity of age between our kids - I love that my sisters and I are close in age and have always theoretically wanted that for my children as well.  But I don't even think Tony and I talk much about that point.  I just thought about it the other day and the if we got pregnant at this point our kids would be two years apart.  That sounds insane on so many levels!  Thinking about Presley as a two year old?  Thinking about Presley as a sibling?  Starting all over in the baby stage - what are we thinking?  I just can't imagine those possibilities because it seems so different from our current life.  But it doesn't sound too bad to my ears lately.  The possibility of expanding our hearts and making room for another set of grimy hands in our house has been weighing heavily on my heart lately.  I'm not sure if it's just a little phase I'm going through (what most call "baby fever") or if it's a more permanent longing... I've asked myself an lot recently... idea or reality...  do I like the reality of adding another child into the mix or the idea?  But if you knew me 15 months ago, would you have EVER guessed I'd want another child?!  Absolutely makes me chuckle!!!

I guess at this point, I am open to new possibilities.  And it is really a freeing and peaceful feeling.  Though, no body get your hopes up.  I don't remember if I've shared very much about it in any of my previous posts (other than briefly in my guest post), but all the ups and downs in my cycles are still just as prevalent after having Presley as they were before.  Since my PCOS was diagnosed on symptoms alone (no further testing) I sometimes doubt the diagnosis, but other times when I read more about it... it's hard to dispute.  Though, it would be nice and give me peace of mind to really confirm whether or not I have PCOS through some form of medical testing or further investigation.  {I recently had my thyroid tested and the results came back normal... so at least we know it's not that!}

And, of course, all things considered, this is really only MY opinion on the matter that I've shared, not so much my husbands.  He sways back and forth between the possibilities, but right now, he is more inclined to wish we'd postpone at the time being.  {Reason #5 that I love my husband:  He is almost always the yin to my yang while remaining a part of the same team.  I love it and I love him for it.}  So we will see when and if there will ever be a baby Duggan #2 in our near or more distant future... but for now it is sure a fun topic to think about!


  1. Awww. I can't wait to follow your pregnancy journey when you ever do get pregnant again. Stu and I have had a baby fever since Forrest was 4 months old! Then it kind of went away when Forrest got more mobile. Now it's back again. We have decided to start TTC next year between Jan-March. We have always known that we wanted Forrest to be close in age to his brother or sister, and we are already pushing our 30s. Gah. It is in my plan to have 2 kids before I turn 30 then have a 3rd when I am still in my early 30s. I'm nuts. LOL, but I grew up with 3 kids in my house. It's fun to think about this stuff. Will all this come true? I don't know. Life has a funny way of working things out. So, if we get blessed with 2 more kids then great! If not then we have Forrest to love and cherish. :)


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