My Life in 250 or Less.

I'm so excited to start the blog everyday in May challenge!  First up:  writing the story of your life and sharing it in 250 words or less.  Here we go.

Born in Minnesota.  Raised in Tennessee.   

Three sisters, one mom, one dad, one dog, and one bunny.  Life is good.   

Dad dies.  Family struggles.  Life is hard.  Sisters are everything!  Play sports.  Meet Tony.  Become best friends.  Fall in love.  Inseparable.  High school.  Changes.  Me and Tony are on & off again.  Date around.  Family struggles.  Hard times, again.

Move to Illinois.  Live with extended family.  Start new school.  Make new friends.

Miss my sisters and Tony, a lot.  Graduate high school.  

 Long distance relationship with Tony.  (Long distance is tough!)  Black Hawk Community College.  Work and workout, a lot.  Move back to Tennessee for sisters and Tony.  Work at Build-A-Bear.  Best job, ever.  Be irresponsible.  Live with boyfriend & friends.  

 What a mess.  Southwest Community College.  Move back to Illinois, this time with Tony.   Black Hawk Community College, again.  First place of our own.  

 Learn a lot.  Happy.  Western Illinois University.  Work at YMCA.  Lots of friends, so much fun.  Visit Gramma in Florida.  Tony proposes!  Cousin gets married.  

Sister gets married. 

Little sister gets engaged.

We get married! 

Walt Disney World honeymoon.  A-m-a-z-i-n-g.  Life is so good.  Pregnant(!!).  Nervous.  Excited.  Move to a new place.  Give birth.  Holy crap, we’re parents.

Bachelor's Degree.  Stay-at-home mom.  Life is so different.  Struggle.  Learn a lot more.  Find new routine.  Comfortable.  So happy Future is a blank canvas...


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    1. Thanks Britt :) That's so awesome to hear from you! It's kinda weird to put the story of your life out there and not know how it will be received!

  2. Beautiful story!

    I love Disney as well! I can't get enough of it!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! :) I think everybody has a beautiful story to share! And goodness gracious, Disney is the B-E-S-T, right!? I think at least ONCE a month I have a breakdown and beg my husband to let me plan a trip back to WDW! LOL... it's awful!

  3. I don't know how I missed this post but I LOVE it!! =) And now, if you don't mind...I might have to steal it.

    1. Did you ever do this post, too? I can't remember! If not - you totally should :) :)


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