My Favorite Bloggers!

I like to think of myself as somewhat selective in the blogs I read, so when I find ones I enjoy reading regularly, I really do become attached!  Here are five blogs I enjoy and recommend checking out:

exodus31three - I love reading Courtney's blog and I'm so happy to have come across it.  The thing I enjoy most is the fact that Courtney, her husband, myself, and my husband share the same hometown!  Since Tony and I no longer live in Memphis, Tennessee - I feel like we can vicariously live through the two of them through the words and pictures in her blog.  I also love how creative she is and how descriptive her words are!  {Oh, and if you haven't been to Memphis before, go and check it out sometime.  It's a very fun city and I don't think you would be disappointed.}

our journey.  I feel like I could be friend's with Tara - her blogs are simply written and I can almost always relate to what she is talking about!  She is such a great story teller - she shares about her life and writes with such vivid detail.  Surprise, surprise... but I found her blog through Pinterest while searching tips on traveling to Walt Disney World with a baby.  I found this entry & have been following her (and loving it!) ever since!

The Great Umbrella Heist - You know how people (who have cable) love reality TV shows?  Well we don't have cable and honestly, anymore, most of reality TV (minus the Bachelor) is just not so much my cup of tea.  With this being said, I feel like (and get ready for this to sound creepy with a capital "C") reading about Sarah and her kiddos is my guilty pleasure!!!  I love reading about her three beautiful girls as they grow - the everyday challenges they face and the beauty in the joys they encounter.  Oh and... big shock... but where do you suppose one of their favorite vacation spots is??  None other than WALT DISNEY WORLDAre you starting to see a trend here?  I've been following Sarah for a while now but just recently started reading her blog back from the beginning - Seriously.  Go read her blog!  It'll quickly turn into a favorite of yours (if it's not already), I'm sure!

And So I Give Thanks: A Glimpse Into My Everyday Holy - I was aiming to mention five blogs I haven't referenced lately, but I am kinda bending the rules on this one since Sarah just guest blogged a few weeks ago!  I say this about several of the bloggers I follow, but I know we'd be two peas in a pod and would get along famously.  Biggest subject we'd bond over?  DISNEY!  Oh yeah, she's a Disney fanatic, too!!!  She is also a runner and reading about her running experiences really pushes me towards setting and achieving more fitness-minded goals.

A Method in the Madness - Okay, I just love Ryanne and enjoy following the journey as she and her husband try to conceive.  It hasn't been an easy road but I love that she shares their story - both ups and downs.  And maybe that's my favorite part... that her blog is so real and balanced.  She shares the happy stuff and she's not afraid to talk about the struggles that make us who we are.

Any blogs you follow and would recommend for me to check out?  Do you already follow any of these lovely ladies?  If so, what's your favorite part of their blog?


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