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It is naptime in our house and I am really, thoroughly enjoying it.  I enjoy the quiet moments to myself to do things just myself.  I like the two-or-so hours in the middle of the day to focus on whatever it is I need/want to focus on.  Right now, that would be relaxing and writing.

Presley and I just got back from buying groceries.  This included disposable dishes and silverware.  I want to start washing and packing our dishes and silverware so the kind you can use and toss sounds PERFECT right now.

Currently drinking a black tea lemonade (with half the pumps of sweetener) from Starbucks.  We went to visit Santa today at Starbucks and of course I just had to buy a drink, too!  It's delicious and one of the few things I order from there.  My former boss from Build-A-Bear in Collierville is the one who got me hooked on this drink... THANK YOU, PAULA!

On the way to see SANTA!

The aftermath of the first attempt to see Santa. She liked Santa until I sat her on his lap and then she started screaming "Mommy!" and crying! So we went to go get a tea for me and water for her before trying again.

Me & Presley's drinks sitting on top of the car while I buckled her in.  Snowy day!

This is the final product.  Not the best picture by any means, but it's the best we could do!
Such a beautiful, sweet girl.

Anticipating... hmmm... so many things!  First, I am anticipating this move and all the troubles that lie ahead.  I know it's going to be so much work, money, and waiting... but I just hope it'll be ALL worth it when things are said & done!  We literally have amazing (and crazy might I add) friends who are helping with this huge move in so many ways and it brings tears to my eyes because I can't imagine how we would do it otherwise.  We are so lucky.  I am also really anticipating seeing my husband again in about 11 more days.  I am very much looking forward to the possibility of sleeping in!!!  I am looking forward to hugging him and seeing him all the time and giving him a huge kiss! :)  It's not ideal being apart but again, it will be worth it.  I'm anticipating owning a home SOON (I hope!) and starting our lives in a new way.

I'm not really forgetting anything this week... I guess I am forgetting how important it is to PACK whenever I can... but honestly, sometimes it just feels like too much!  Taking care of myself and Presley seems like it takes 99.9% of my energy most days.

Last night a friend from middle school and high school who was in my little sisters class passed away.  I didn't sleep very well and to be honest for the longest time I didn't even try to sleep.  Dallas' passing seemingly (to me) happened out of the blue and to know that this sweet person was living just a few hours ago and is now no longer... it is just overwhelmingly heartbreaking.  Dallas Simms was 23 years old and he was such a talented musician and way, way, way too young to die.  Here is a sample of how beautiful his voice was and how incredibly gifted he was:

It just gets to me so much.  I will be thinking of him and his friends and family... all the classmates who got to know him from Southwind & Germantown.  I hope that wherever he is, he has peace.  Life can be really tough and challenging and seemingly unfair in times such as these.  Dallas, you are so loved and missed by everybody and you will not ever be forgotten.  Thanks for always being so friendly and funny... we could use more people just like you.

Don't ever hesitate to show love and to give love to everyone.  It is something so many of us are starved for these days.  Tell your friends why you love them and let your family know you appreciate them.  You never know when your day will come or when those you love will leave.  Not to mention, everyone is out there struggling with something and most are struggling in silence.  If we make a conscious effort to be loving and supportive of our friends, family members, and strangers then we have the opportunity and privilege to lessen their burden.  And you may be the only person others come in contact with who makes an impact.  So go out of your way to be helpful if you can.  Go out of your way to be genuine.  Go out of your way to make someone forget about the things that make them sad and frustrated.  Go out of your way.

R.I.P. Dallas Jacob Simms 
photo credit Tyler Berretta


  1. ((hugs)) friend! I'm sorry for the loss of your friend! I'm glad you and Presley are doing well and that things with the move are progressing! I'm so glad that you have a strong support system!


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