Tooth #3!

For the past few days, Presley has definitely been out-of-sorts.  It started Friday and I just remember telling Tony she wasn't quite acting like herself.  I didn't know exactly why I felt that way or what she was going through, but I chalked it up to her just having an off day because Lord knows - we ALL have those!  I haven't missed bedtime for Presley once in the past 7.5 months and Friday night was going to be the first time.  I was volunteering at our local zoo - Niabi Zoo - for an event called Pints for Pachyderms and was super excited about helping out the elephants while hanging out with my best friend all night.  Sounds like a win-win to me - and it really was.  I had so much fun; Betsy told me I was on a "people high" because honestly, I don't get out without my baby girl much.  After keeping pretty busy for a few hours, we got done around 8pm and got released to check out everything that was going on... which means booze & food... and I was actually looking forward to letting my hair down.

Of course, Presley had different plans for me.  Tony called and let me know he and Presley were a few minutes away from the zoo - she had refused her bottle and it was currently about 4 hours since her last feeding and she was hysterical.  Mommy to the rescue!  I nursed her in the car and then we headed home.  I was bummed but I also felt like I belonged home for bedtime anyway and was happy to be there for her.

Over the weekend, Presley was a little bit more on the fussy side than what is normal for her.  On Saturday we went to Landyn's 1st birthday party (I went to prom senior year with Landyn's daddy, Troy, and worked with Landyn's Aunt Katie at the YMCA... she was in our wedding & is one of my best friends) and she did good but like I said, just a little bit more whiny than what she normally is, and actually ended up crying nearly the whole way home.  We equated that to the fact that we were pushing it too close to her bedtime but noticed she really hadn't done that for a long time.
Landyn, Troy, & the birthday cake!

Me, Presley, and Katie!

On Sunday, Presley went to her first pumpkin patch thanks to my friend Ashley inviting us along!  It was so much fun and I'm so glad we went.  Much like the day before, Presley wasn't her normal self and the whininess was amped up a bit and coupled with a runny nose.  Someone mentioned it could be allergies and that really made sense since I've normally got allergies but thought it was weird that I wasn't having any symptoms.  Despite her fussing, I think Presley had a good time - she loves to be outdoors and enjoys seeing the sights and getting to be around different people.  Under normal circumstances I think Presley would've been in seventh heaven!
Presley, Ashley, & Presley's first pumpkin!

Giant pumpkin!

She loved it...

Just not her normal self here... but cute nonetheless!

So when Presley was acting extra clingy and ultra whiny today, I figured something must be going on.  I checked (and checked and checked...) the top of her gums and rubbed them with my finger but saw/felt nothing new.  After a few hours (on and off) of this, I decided to check out her bottom gums, even though those next teeth (aside from the two she already has on the bottom) aren't due for several months.  Low and behold, there is a little tooth on the left side of her mouth down there!  It's already through her gums and poking out quite a bit.  It is a relief to know what's going on - I just feel so bad that I didn't notice sooner.  She took a big nap this afternoon and is still sleeping now... so we will see how the rest of the day goes! 



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